Protecting Yourself, Your Loved Ones & Your Home From Social Unrest

Executive Summary

  • Becoming a ‘Gray Man’ (or Woman)
  • Protecting yourself, your loved ones, your home & your money
  • Leading by example
  • How to make the best of where you are, and best practices for relocating/expatriating

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As mentioned, one of the top concerns we’re hearing our readers express is the increasingly likelihood of major social unrest breaking out.

And as long as the current policies driving the expanding wealth inequality gap continue, we agree that’s a very valid concern.

So, what can you today to reduce your vulnerability should unrest and the threat of violence/looting come to your community?

The good news is: A lot.

Below, we’ve compiled the most effective, practical actions and best practices you should consider taking now to safeguard your loved ones, your home, and your wealth from the “mob threat”.

First, and most important, start by…



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