Positive Proof that the U.S. Government is a Criminal Enterprise?

Franklin Sanders appears for the first time on the radio program and Shawn Wallace provides updated information on Auryn Resources, a favorite of mine.

With legal justification, Sanders believed gold and silver is money and therefore exchanges of gold and silver money for paper money weren’t subject to sales taxes. Completely ignoring the U.S. Constitution, both U.S. and state governments imprisoned Sanders for refusing to submit to U.S. and state government falsehoods. Courageously, Sanders spent considerable prison time because he refused to give in to the governments lies and as such challenged the claim that the U.S. is a nation of laws, not men. But with so few of us as courageous as Sanders, the lies have continued to the point where those falsehoods have lead the global financial system to the precipice of collapse.

We asked Franklin for his economic and market predictions and how he thinks we can joyfully and confidently prepare and meet the hardships that most surely lie ahead.

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Franklin SandersAfter spending two years in the US Army, Franklin Sanders attended graduate school at Tulane and the Free University of Berlin. In 1980 he opened a gold and silver brokerage, and began publishing The Moneychanger newsletter (www.the-moneychanger.com). In 1990 Franklin and 15 others were indicted in federal court for conspiracy to delay & defeat the IRS and willful failure to file income tax returns because he had opened a gold and silver bank and had not filed income tax returns since 1975. On July 9, 1991 a jury found him and all other defendants not guilty on all charges. On a related state charge fomented by the IRS he lost but his incarceration completely failed to rehabilitate him. In 2012 – 2013 he published volumes one and two of “At Home in Dogwood Mudhole,” recounting his family’s move from city to farm life. See www.dogwoodmudhole.com. Franklin is an ordained presbyter in the Reformed Episcopal Church and pastors Christ Our Hope Church in Westpoint, TN and author of several books.

Shawn WallaceShawn Wallace, President, CEO and Director of Auryn Resources Inc. has been involved in all aspects of the mining industry, from mineral exploration and project management, to financing, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate development. Over the past 23 years, Mr. Wallace has been instrumental in building numerous high-quality mineral exploration, development, and production stage companies. Mr. Wallace also serves as Director of Asanko Gold (formerly Keegan Resources Inc.), Chairman and Director of Cayden Resources Inc and Stratton Resources Inc.

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