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French Journalist Jailed for Contempt at War Crimes Tribunal (Klaus)

A French reporter was jailed at the war crimes tribunal in The Hague. Florence Hartmann had been held in contempt of court in 2009 for revealing information that showed that the tribunal had not provided the international criminal court with information on atrocities committed in Srebrenica.

Will US Political and Military Officials Face Jail Time for War Crimes After 9/11? (Ben)

Guilty verdict for former Bosnian Serb leader opens up question on whether US war criminals will face justice.


Too much of a good thing

Profits Are Too High. America Needs a Giant Dose of Competition (Trevin)

The Economist agrees with Clinton, Sanders, and two-thirds of the American public who believe that the economy is “rigged,” and recommends a “new commitment to competition” as a possible cure.


Encryption Fight Heads to Europe (Dan)

Now France and the UK are wading into the encryption fight between tech giants and government pressure to allow ‘back-door’ access to encrypted devices. The intense battle is epitomized in a French legislative proposal that would jail a company’s CEO (or fine the company $390,000) if there was no compliance with government demands.