On the the next radio program: "Note to Fed: The Laws of Math Still Apply" John Rubino, Patrick Highsmith and Chen Lin are guests.
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Death, Taxes, and Time Decay

Few things are certain in life.  But as the old saying goes, there is nothing quite so certain as “death and taxes”.  As an Options Trader, I would enthusiastically add option time decay to that list.   Options offer traders and ... [Read More]

Are We On The Path To Hyperinflation?

    The world’s major central banks have increased the global money supply by nearly 50% since the pandemic hit less than 2 years ... [Read More]

Inflation Jumps Higher In December…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts January 13, 2022 * currencies are on the warpath VS the dollar * Inflation hasn't been on the way tup like this since 1978! Good Day… And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to one and all! Well, my hopes that our Blues had ... [Read More]

Real Wages Plummet as Inflation Hits the US Recovery

The headline 3.9 percent unemployment rate looks positive, but job creation fell significantly below consensus, at 199,000 in December versus a consensus estimate of 450,000. The weak jobs figure should be viewed in the context of the largest ... [Read More]

Price Inflation Is at the Highest Level since 1982. What Will the Fed Do?

According to new data released Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, price inflation in December rose again to a new multi-decade high, rising to the highest level recorded in nearly forty years. According to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for ... [Read More]

Predictions for 2022

In this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan and Tho trade predictions for the year ahead. Topics include the importance of internal primaries ahead of next year's mid-terms, predictions on what the Fed will do with rising inflationary pressure, and what ... [Read More]

The New Deal and the Emergence of the Old Right

[This article is taken from chapter 4 of The Betrayal of the American Right.] During the 1920s, the emerging individualists and libertarians — the Menckens, the Nocks, the Villards, and their followers — were generally considered Men of the Left; ... [Read More]

Money and Banking after World War II: A Study in Extremes

The history of money and banking in the United States since World War II is one of extremes. From stability to chaos, hubris to paralyzing fear, the era is perhaps best understood in terms of two roughly overlapping periods. The first, spanning ... [Read More]

What the Regime Will Do to Fight Private Digital Currencies

During a confirmation hearing with the US Senate this week, Fed chairman Jerome Powell was asked about whether or not a digital currency issued by a central bank could exist side by side with private cryptocurrencies. Powell responded that there is ... [Read More]

The Jeffersonian Revolution

In this episode of Liberty vs. Power, Patrick and Tho look at the success of the Jeffersonians following the corruption of Hamilton's Federalist Party. With the support of Treasury Secretary Albert Gallatin, the Jeffersonian Administration is able to ... [Read More]

The Real Revolution Is Underway But Nobody Recognizes It

Revolutions have a funny characteristic: they're unpredictable.The general assumption is that revolutions are political. The revolution some foresee in the U.S. is the classic armed insurrection, or a coup or the fragmentation of the nation as states ... [Read More]

Powell Throws A Cat Among The Pigeons!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   January 12, 2022   * Currencies & metals both rally strongly on Tuesday * Chuck is having a difficult time keeping from laughing!    Good Day… And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Today is my ... [Read More]

Has Capitalism Failed?

Doug Casey, Chen Lin and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program. Not only rhetoric but policies of the Biden Administration look more akin to those of fascist and/or communist dictatorships than a free-market capitalist ... [Read More]

Americans May Finally Be Losing Confidence in the Woke Military

No institution is exempt from the American public’s growing distrust of the federal government. Even the military, which has traditionally enjoyed broad support from Americans of all political stripes, is now seeing its otherwise pristine image take ... [Read More]

The World That Might Have Been

Ludwig von Mises writes tragedy in the language of political economy. There is in man the very principle of frustration. Once, and perhaps for the first time, he did find the right way. Beginning with the optimistic social philosophy of 18th-century ... [Read More]

How GDP Stats Create the Illusion of Fed-Fueled Economic Growth

Most experts tend to assess the strength of an economy in terms of real gross domestic product (GDP). The GDP framework looks at the value of final goods and services produced during a particular time interval, usually a quarter or a year. The GDP is ... [Read More]

Laura and Derek Cabrera: Building An Entrepreneurial Business Culture With Systems Thinking

Why do entrepreneurs start businesses in the first place? They have a vision for the future and seek to work with other people to bring it about. Those other people may be colleagues and employees, directors and investors, suppliers, and customers. ... [Read More]

The Dollar Gets Sold In Overnight Trading Once Again…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   January 11, 2022   * Dollar bounces back yesterday in a small way * Powell, says he will stop inflation from taking root... Really, he did!    Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to ... [Read More]

How Easy Money Inflated Corporate Profits

In the incessant media discussion about whether inflation is transitory there is a big elephant in the room about which all are silent. Perhaps strangely some do not see it. Others for whatever reason pretend it is not there. The elephant is the ... [Read More]

Turkey’s Central Bank $10 Billion Accounting Trick

By: Robert Aro Seems strange that as of December 30, 2021, Turkey’s central bank was carrying a loss of $5.2 billion USD; then on the last day of the year it miraculously made $10 billion, closing the year with a gain of $4.4 billion USD. Was it a ... [Read More]