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Using the “Natural Interest Rate” In Setting Monetary Policy Is an Impossible Dream

"The ideas of economists and political philosophers, both when they are right and when they are wrong, are more powerful than is commonly understood. Indeed the world is ruled by little else. Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt ... [Read More]

The Fed Is Helping Facilitate Trailer Park Evictions

The Federal Reserve is helping corporate real estate investors evict poor people from mobile home parks. NPR highlighted the growing number of mobile home part evictions. According to the report, real estate investors continue to buy up mobile home ... [Read More]

Wholesale Inflation Soars, Gold Gets Sold?

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   September 13, 2021   * PPI soars, indicating that inflation continues...  * The dollar gets bought in the overnight markets...    Good Day... And a Marvelous Monday to you... Did you have ... [Read More]

Pressure on the Fed

A bit of air came out of the market this week, and as inflation rates rise, there will be more pressure on the Fed to start to reduce money printing by reducing the Fed’s bond buying binge. Another pressure point on the Fed may be the enormous ... [Read More]

Biden’s Vaccine Mandates: It’s about Power

The Biden administration on Thursday announced sweeping new mandates. The new mandates require that all employers with more than one hundred workers require workers to be vaccinated or to test for the virus weekly. The mandates also require covid ... [Read More]

A Legacy of Corruption in the FDA and Big Pharma

Our healthcare system is broken, a fact nobody would have disputed in precovid days. Regulatory capture is a reality, and the pharmaceutical industry is fraught with examples. Yet we trusted private-public partnerships to find an optimal solution to ... [Read More]

The Banality of (Financial) Evil

The financialized American economy and State are now totally dependent on a steady flow of lies and propaganda for their very survival. Were the truth told, the status quo would collapse in a putrid heap. Go ahead and be evil, because everyone else ... [Read More]

Simon Black says Money Printing Won’t End, History Predicts

    They say those who do not understand the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.  This isn't the first time that authorities have intentionally ... [Read More]

Remembering 9/11 on the 20th Anniversary

Twenty years ago tomorrow, I was in Manhattan with colleagues, attending a financial industry conference. At the time, we didn’t know how fortunate we were that our 9:00 a.m. meeting had been changed to 11:00 a.m. I was on route when the ... [Read More]

9/11 Was a Day of Unforgivable Government Failure

Perhaps more than anything else, the rationale given for the necessity of the state—and the necessity of supporting the regime at any given time—is that it "keeps us safe." This permeates thinking about government institutions at all levels, from ... [Read More]

Ethics and Compulsory Covid-19 Shots

By: David Gordon Julie Ponesse, a philosophy professor specializing in ethics who until recently taught at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, has a moving video in which she protests the requirement at her university that she get a ... [Read More]

Murray Sabrin’s New Book on Escaping Medical Fascism

On the heels of Biden's vaccine mandate announcement, Dr. Murray Sabrin joins the show to discuss his new book on escaping the state's medical fascism. Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life lays out the sobering reality of our ... [Read More]

China Isn’t About to Become a Superpower

China faces a wide variety of demographic, geopolitical, and economic limits on the regime's power. And, socialism and Keynesianism don't work any better in China than in the USA. Moreover, contrary to the myth, China is not run by politicians who ... [Read More]

The Water “Shortage”

As everyone knows, the West, and especially northern California, has been suffering from a year-long drought, leading numerous statists and busybodies to leap in to control, ration, and ordain. The water “shortage” may not be exactly blamed on the ... [Read More]

Slippery Slope Arguments and Tyranny

In my article last week, I talked about Michael Huemer’s notion of “false fallacies.” These are often listed in logic books as bad arguments, but some of them, Huemer suggests, are actually good arguments, at least if suitably modified. This week, ... [Read More]

Against Biden’s Mandates

We oppose President Biden's lawless and authoritarian new mandates announced yesterday. We also denounce his divisive rhetoric toward unvaccinated Americans, his reckless antipathy for federalism, and his threats to usurp state governors. Contra Mr. ... [Read More]

Lockdowns and Vaccine Mandates: China’s Most Successful Exports?

It is neither Red Scare hyperbole nor misplaced attribution to say that the covid regime established in the Western world is primarily a product of the Chinese regime. I refer not strictly to the claim that covid-19 originated in a Wuhan lab but also ... [Read More]

The Fed Is Fatally Corrupt– And So Is the Rest of America’s Status Quo

We know you're all just poor corrupt officials, but bleating excuses won't save you from the karmic payoff. The Federal Reserve can be summed up in two famous lines from the classic film Casablanca in which the corrupt police official Renault is ... [Read More]

Can Corporate Treasurers Afford to Ignore Palantir’s Gambit on Gold?

Recently, Palantir Technologies, the secretive software company that collects and analyses huge amounts of data on behalf of clients which include a broad array of US intelligence and spy agencies, announced in a quarterly filing with the US SEC that ... [Read More]

Biden’s Vaccine Fiat Forges a Fascist Pharma Corporate State

By: Connor Mortell About six months ago, I wrote an article here explaining that state preemptions of local government are a bad thing — even when Ron DeSantis does it. I vehemently stand by these principles. However, it is now time for Ron ... [Read More]