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Es fácil creer que AOC tiene un título de economía

By: Ryan McMaken It has become something of a tradition in the free market corners of social media to express shock and dismay over the possibility that New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)—an avowed "democratic ... [Read More]

No, The Fed Will Not “Save the Market”–Here’s Why

The greater the excesses, speculative euphoria and moral hazard, the greater the reversal.A very convenient conviction is rising in the panicked financial netherworld that the Federal Reserve and its fellow dark lords will "save the market" from ... [Read More]

The True Danger of Coronavirus (COVID-19): What are the real risks of infection, death and a global pandemic?

The public is always ready to panic over the next pandemic. We love a good movie like the old Ebola scare, Outbreak. We even have a name for the next mystery disease — the big one that is supposed to destroy us all like World War III or like the ... [Read More]

A Global Flight To Gold & Treasuries Is Here!

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts February 24, 2020 * Gold soars on Friday and this morning! * Dollar is still well bid VS most currencies... Good Day… and a Marvelous Monday… Next week, I’ll be on vacation, my annual spring vacation from ... [Read More]

Continued Loss of Purchasing Power

What are we to make of this week’s major market moves? With stocks down, it suggests a risk-off week. But then we note that the Commodities measured by the Rogers Raw Materials Index gained 1.17% or nearly what the S&P lost. Thanks to the Rogers ... [Read More]

The Coronavirus Is Swiftly Breaching Defenses Across The World

Things are now starting to get fast and furious. Outside of China, covid-19 is swiftly breaching defense lines all over the world. Italy is suddenly in big trouble — with the military being called in to enforce city quarantines.  Iran, ... [Read More]

When Will We Admit Covid-19 Is Unstoppable and Global Depression Is Inevitable?

Given the exquisite precariousness of the global financial system and economy, hopes for a brief and mild downturn are wildly unrealistic.If we asked a panel of epidemiologists to imagine a virus optimized for rapid spread globally and high ... [Read More]

Coronavirus Cases Doubling Overnight In Many Countries

Boy this is not good… Covid-19 cases are leaping higher in disparate countries around the globe — doubling overnight in South Korea, Italy and Iran. New research continues to clarifying how *extremely* contagious this virus is (as the ... [Read More]

Investors Are Piling Into Safe Havens on Coronavirus Fears

U.S. factories rebounded strongly in February, suggesting the manufacturing recession may finally be behind us after the industry contracted for six straight months. The Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Index jumped an incredible 20 points to 36.7, its ... [Read More]

REPLAY VIDEO: Coronavirus Q&A Webinar #2

Here’s the replay video of Friday’s “Ask Anything” Coronavirus Q&A webinar #2. Why is this restricted to Peak Prosperity's premium subscribers? Two main reasons: One -- we expect a number of our answers to be our 'best ... [Read More]

It’s Easy to Believe AOC Has an Economics Degree

By: Ryan McMaken It has become something of a tradition in the free-market corners of social media to express shock and dismay over the possibility that New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) — an avowed "democratic ... [Read More]

The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Accelerating Worldwide

Outside of the lockdown within China, covid-19 cases are accelerating across the globe. The virus has truly jumped the defense line. It’s now a true pandemic, with countries all over the world reporting huge percent increases in the number of ... [Read More]

“Why I canceled my Tesla roadster order” – Mike Maloney

Why in the world would Mike Maloney, lover of all things Tesla, cancel his order on his Roadster?! Because he believes he'll someday buy this quarter-million dollar car with a $25,000 investment in this asset now. Yes, you read that correctly, Mike ... [Read More]

Gold Rallies As Fear Takes Center Stage

Gold has rallied extensively from the lows near $1560 over the past 2 weeks.  At first, this rally didn’t catch too much attention with traders, but now the rally has reached new highs above $1613 and may attempt a move above $1750 as metals ... [Read More]

When Bubbles Pop, Only the First Sellers Escape Being Bagholders

Hapless bagholders have two options: buy the dip and be destroyed, or hang on hoping for a reversal and be destroyed.One often overlooked characteristic of the current stock market bubble is the extremely small exit for sellers trying to avoid ... [Read More]

Will COVID-19 lead to a gold standard?

Goldmoney Insights Even before the coronavirus sprang upon an unprepared China the credit cycle was tipping the world into recession. The coronavirus makes an existing situation immeasurably worse, shutting down China and disrupting global supply ... [Read More]

‘Ask Anything’ Coronavirus Live Q&A Webinar #2

Given the very positive feedback we received from Saturday's webinar, Chris and I will be holding another 1-hour live "ask anything" Q&A webinar tomorrow, Friday, Feb 21 at noonET/9amPT. Why is this restricted to Peak Prosperity's premium ... [Read More]

Covid-19: Global Retrenchment Will Obliterate Sales, Profits and Yes, Big Tech

If you think global demand will rebound as global debt and confidence implode, you better not be making consequential decisions based on Euphorestra-addled magical thinking.Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the global economy was slowing for two ... [Read More]

Join me at the MIF in Toronto – Feb 29 – Mar 1

Join me at the Metals Investor Forum, February 29 to March 1, at the Delta Hotel, downtown Toronto. You will get a chance to meet some of the companies I follow plus many other companies that other newsletters such as Eric Coffin, Gwen Preston, ... [Read More]

Why I’m Ramping Up My Coronavirus Preparations

In yesterday’s video (Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially) from Feb 19th, 2020, I put out the science behind why a second exposure may be worse than the first. That’s anything but proven at this point, but ... [Read More]