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President Biden Interview on 60 Minutes

By: Robert Aro Over the weekend, Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes held an interview with President Joe Biden. See below for some of the highlights, starting with his thoughts on the annual inflation rate which came in at 8.3% for the month of ... [Read More]

Declassify Everything!

“Follow the money.” This is a common watchword among those distrustful of the state. If you want to know what politicians or state institutions are really up to, the common wisdom goes, you have to stop listening to what statists do and say, and ... [Read More]

Moral Decline Eliminates Hope for Better America

The wishful thinking by equity investors who wanted to think inflation had peaked and that the Fed would soon stop raising rates proved to be a costly assumption when an assumed 0.1% monthly decline turned into a 0.1% monthly increase, leaving the ... [Read More]

Germany’s (and Europe’s) Self-Inflicted Upcoming Energy Crunch

At the end of September 2021, the Nord Stream 2 project was a reality after many years of uncertainty. At that time, there were only a few more regulatory hurdles remaining for Germany and Russia to seal the deal on the long-awaited and highly ... [Read More]

Peering Into the Crystal Ball, We See… Instability Leading to Collapse

We can only choose one: open, dynamic stability (evolution) or autocracy (instability and collapse). When the fundamentals of life change, every organism must evolve or die. This is equally true of human organizations, societies and economies. ... [Read More]

August’s Price Inflation Soared, and That Means Earnings Fell Yet Again

This is bad news for the administration, which has repeatedly attempted to downplay the relentless increases to the cost of living being inflicted on Americans after years of deficit spending, fueling inflationary monetary policy.  Original Article: ... [Read More]

How the Fed Helped Create Another Calamity: The Ongoing Emerging Market Debt Crisis

The Fed's suppression of interest rates in the USA didn't just affect this nation's economy. It also drove investors to seek higher interest rates in questionable investments. Original Article: "How the Fed Helped Create Another Calamity: The Ongoing ... [Read More]

Déjà Vu: Argentines Once Again are Voting for More Inflation While Remaining in Denial

Argentina is synonymous with hyperinflation, but apparently its voters have not had enough. Original Article: "Déjà Vu: Argentines Once Again are Voting for More Inflation While Remaining in Denial" This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by ... [Read More]

Socialism Is Not Groupthink, but Statethink: A Brief Comment on Jordan Peterson

According to Jordan Peterson, left-wing totalitarians are characterized by an ideology in which group identity is paramount. I will demonstrate that this is a misconception. Historically, socialists have fought against feudalism and capitalism in the ... [Read More]

The Truth about American Inequality

Economist and Mises Institute Associated Scholar Robert Ekelund recently teamed up with former US Senator Phil Gramm and John Early to write The Myth of American Inequality: How Gernment Biases Policy Debate.  The book was released this month by ... [Read More]

The ECB Is Raising Rates, but Is Also Committed to Buying More Government Bonds

By: André Marques The European Central Bank (ECB) raised interest rates for the second time this year (by 0.75 percent). The eurozone's CPI was 8.9 percent in July. In that month, the ECB raised rates by 0.5 percent and created a new instrument of ... [Read More]

The Queen is Dead, Democracy is Dying

With Queen Elizabeth II lying in state at Westminster Abbey, hereditary monarchies are under attack as archaic & absurd. Has mass democracy in the West done any better? Ryan McMaken joins Jeff and Bob to discuss. Read Ryan's Article on Monarchs: ... [Read More]

Why the Fed Usually Ignores its Mandate for “Stable Prices”

In recent years, Congress has attempted to add various new mandates to the Federal Reserve's mission. In 2020, Democrats introduced the "Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act."  Then, in 2021, pundits and politicians were telling us that ... [Read More]

Inflation Heat Map

By: Robert Aro With the August Consumer Price Index (CPI) reaching 8.3% earlier this week, the general public wonders when exactly the Fed rate hikes, to fight (price) inflation, will kick into effect. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal offers a ... [Read More]

Short-Term Market Volatility Is Not Entirely Random

Typical teaching on stock prices says they are little more than a random walk. But people's purposeful actions are behind every economic transactions. Original Article: "Short-Term Market Volatility Is Not Entirely Random" This Audio Mises Wire is ... [Read More]

How Do We Define Socialism? By What It Does—and Does Not—Do

A famous aphorism says, “You cannot hit a target you cannot see,” which expresses a more general truth. We cannot hit what we cannot see, because seeing allows us to discern things of interest from everything else; it focuses on a signal, on a ... [Read More]

The End of Cheap Food

Global food production rests on soil and rain. Robots don't change that. Of all the modern-day miracles, the least appreciated is the incredible abundance of low cost food in the U.S. and other developed countries.The era of cheap food is ending, ... [Read More]

Hoppephobia: Redux

By: Kristoffer Mousten Hansen Hans-Hermann Hoppe, despite retiring about fifteen years ago and only publishing lightly since, has an (un)enviable characteristic: he still manages to provoke his opponents to violent and rather silly outbursts from ... [Read More]

Will Inflation Data Result In More Aggressive Action By The FED?

September 15, 2022 Recent CPI/Inflation data suggests the current wave of global inflation is far from “transitory” and may persist for many months – possibly years. Some believe it is primarily a supply-side issue related to the COVID shutdowns. ... [Read More]

We Cannot Interpret Economic Data Unless We Know Economic Theory

Logical positivism holds that theory is irrelevant to the empirical results. It is the other way around; One cannot understand or interpret economic data until one has a working economic theory in place. Original Article: "We Cannot Interpret ... [Read More]