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Triggers in these sectors suggest US Stock Markets may enter a rally phase

Recently, our Best Asset Now (BAN) Hotlist generated a new trigger on the SPY chart.  Typically, this type of trigger suggests the SPY is starting a new, potentially explosive, upside price rally.  But what really interests us is the ... [Read More]

Keynesians going all in

Goldmoney - January 21, 2021 Mainstream economists are celebrating Joe Biden’s election as US President. For Keynesians, the outlook is for a reaffirmation of economic management by the state, and of reflationary monetary policies to restore ... [Read More]

Con Trump fuera del camino, repentinamente oímos buenas noticias sobre el covid

By: Ryan McMakenCon Donald Trump fuera del camino, es seguro para los políticos y sus amigos en los medios de comunicación comenzar a reducir su histeria paniqueada por el Covid-19.Por ejemplo, la semana pasada la alcaldesa demócrata de Chicago, Lori ... [Read More]

Only Ideological Change Can Make the World a More Peaceful Place

Those of us who support a noninterventionist foreign policy find in Murray Rothbard’s work an inexhaustible source of facts and arguments. Mises, by contrast, usually doesn’t comment on foreign policy issues. Sometimes he did, but you won’t find in ... [Read More]

Politics Is About Perception Not Facts

David Gornoski is joined by Jeff Deist who talks about Biden's slandering of half of America's population and the calls to "deprogram" Trump voters. Are the talking heads on TV demanding a monoculture? What exactly is meant by the terms "Big Lie," ... [Read More]

How the Fed Fails

The Fed has a binary choice: preserve America's global hegemony or further enrich the billionaires. You can't have both. The Fed will fail as a result of two dynamics: diminishing returns and the U.S. dollar's role as a global reserve currency. The ... [Read More]

No, The Chinese Won’t Invade America If Secessionists Succeed

When political secession starts to become more of a realistic policy goal—and less of a theoretical ideal for the future—that is precisely when we can expect opposition to become the most dismayed and panicky. For now, critics are careful to make it ... [Read More]

With Trump Out of the Way, Suddenly We’re Hearing Good News about Covid

By: Ryan McMakenWith Donald Trump safely out of the way, it is now safe for politicians and their friends in the media to begin scaling back their panicked hysteria over covid-19.For example, last week the Democratic mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot ... [Read More]

Yet Another Study Shows—Yet Again—That Lockdowns Don’t Work

Although advocates for covid-19 lockdowns continue to insist that they save lives, actual experience keeps suggesting otherwise. On a national level, just eyeballing the data makes this clear. Countries that have implemented harsh lockdowns shouldn’t ... [Read More]

The Myths Behind the “Capitalism Is Racist” Claim

Though numerous studies prove the contrary, it is still widely assumed that capitalism perpetuates racism. Celebrities and academics incessantly broadcast the message that capitalism engenders racism. For example, recently on Twitter, superstar ... [Read More]

Snowden and Assange: There Is Still Time for Trump to Do the Right Thing

Will Trump pardon these two genuine heroes? He might yet surprise me, but I doubt it because we can see from the people he has already pardoned that his values are warped and perverted. Original Article: "Snowden and Assange: There Is Still Time for ... [Read More]

Currencies Get Back To The Task At Hand…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts   January 21, 2021   * Gold & Silver soar on Wednesday!  * New Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen dominates today's letter   Good day… And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to you! Well, we have a new ... [Read More]

Trump’s Potential Legacy: 50 Million+ Enemies of the State

By: Tho Bishop Well, they finally got Donald Trump. But he sure scared the bejesus out of them. It took a massive five-year campaign of hysteria, of fear and hate, orchestrated by all wings of the Ruling Elite, from the respectable right to the ... [Read More]

“Victim-Centered” Justice Is a Threat to Due Process

“Trauma-informed justice” has percolated in academia and activism for decades. It is now knocking on the door of local police departments to demand changes that could upend the basics of how people relate to law enforcement. The approach converts the ... [Read More]

A Host of New Programs and Regulations Coming from the Biden Administration

By: Robert AroBiden Teaches EconomicsIt’s called the American Rescue Plan! By now everyone has heard about the $1.9 Trillion bill which includes a $15 national minimum wage and $1,400 stimulus checks. CNN captures the essence of the rescue package ... [Read More]

The Dangerously Diminishing Returns on Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus

Allow me to translate the risible claims of Jay Powell and Janet Yellen that their stimulus policies haven't boosted wealth inequality to the moon: "Let them eat cake." The euphoria of ever greater monetary and fiscal stimulus overlooks the ... [Read More]

Halfway to Secession: Unity on Foreign Policy, Disunity on Domestic Policy

When it comes to talk about secession, the strategy employed by most Washington politicians is to shrug it off, claim it’s all the plotting of extremists, and retreat to the comfort of the idea that the elites control high-ranking military officers ... [Read More]

What Biden/Harris Will Do

Paraphrasing the late Murray Rothbard, the "two party" system in America during the twentieth century worked something like this: Democrats engineered the Great Leaps Forward, and Republicans consolidated the gains. Wilson, Roosevelt, and Johnson ... [Read More]

Time Preference, Interest Rates, and Stagflation

A common conception is that the central bank is a key factor in the determination of interest rates. In this way of thinking, the key role of the central bank is to make sure that the so-called economy is placed on a trajectory of stable economic ... [Read More]

Help, I’m Slipping Into The Twilight Zone…

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts January 20, 2021 * Currencies rally then fall back...  * Debt, is everywhere...  Good Day… And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! How about my Mizzou Tigers basketball team! After winning on the road at ... [Read More]