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The Ultimate Heresy: Technology Can’t Fix What’s Broken

Technology can't fix what's broken, because what's broken is our entire system..The ultimate heresy in today's world isn't religious or political: it's refusing to believe that technology can not only solve all our problems, it will do so painlessly ... [Read More]

Central Banks Are Just Getting Warmed Up

According to all central banks, one of the main problems they are called to solve is that countries cannot reach their inflation target of (close to but below) 2 percent. Even their religious trust in the long-discredited Phillips curve cannot ... [Read More]

The World’s Least-Free Countries Reveal Just How Much “Socialism Sucks”

[Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World. By Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell.  Regnery Publishing, 2019. 192 pages.] Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell are well-known free market economists, and they do not look with ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 10/12 – The Unstoppable Allure of Private Assets, How Low Will U.S. Births Go?

Economy Timing of Trump’s Syria decision raises questions (Sparky1) CNN’s Jake Tapper examines President Donald Trump’s relationship with Turkey amid his decision to pull US troops from northern Syria. Israelis see Trump’s Syria pullout as a ... [Read More]

Did Everything Just Change?

It’s hard to imagine a more euphoric end to the week for bulls. Two weeks ago I issued a report titled Realistically, What’s Left To Power Asset Prices Higher? which claimed the bulls only hope was for a near-term resumption of QE (quantitative ... [Read More]

Por qué el número de empresas no es importante para la innovación

By: Per Bylund Los consumidores no ganan porque hay muchos productores de la misma mercancía, el número es irrelevante. Tampoco se benefician de la competencia entre empresas, ya que sus estrategias tienen poca importancia. Los consumidores se ... [Read More]

Patrick Newman on Rothbard and his Critics

The late Murray Rothbard has passionate fans and critics alike—but was he really the intransigent person his detractors portray? Was he prickly and difficult, or actually generous and helpful to students and colleagues? Did his reputation as an ... [Read More]

Gold Gifts Traders With Another Rotation Below $1500

Positive expectations related to the US/China trades negotiations on October 10th prompted a moderately strong upside move in the US major indexes and the stock market. Additionally, the precious metals fell in correlation to the upside move in ... [Read More]

Political Purgatory vs Economic Reason

In this final part of the series, Mike and Chris discuss the ramifications of the growing political divide in the USA. What are the solutions? What can we do? Stay tuned until the end for Mike's trademark answer to these most important ... [Read More]

The Fed Grows Concerned – Should Gold Investors Do the Same?

The Fed released the minutes from its last meeting yesterday. What can we learn from the new light they shine on the U.S. monetary policy? How will it affect the gold market? Minutes Show That FOMC Members Are More Worried Now The minutes from ... [Read More]

Silver & Gold as Portfolio Core…But What Else?

October 10, 2019 In the second of this three video series, Mike Maloney and Chris Martenson reveal that there is one asset apart from gold and silver that they are both looking to accumulate. What could it be? At what valuation will they trade ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 10/11 – Good News Friday: Turning Waste Into Energy, Unilever To Reduce Plastic Packaging Use By 2025

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to dd@peakprosperity.com with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. ... [Read More]

Walter Block and William Barnett on Problems With the Hayekian Triangle

In a 2006 journal article, “On Hayekian Triangles,” Walter Block and William Barnett list 14 separate objections to the popular device used (in various forms) by Hayek, Rothbard, and Roger Garrison to illustrate how artificially low interest rates ... [Read More]

The Mounting Conservative Attack on Market Freedom

I haven't run an empirical study on the number of articles published, but it sure seems like conservatives are writing more articles than usual condemning economic freedom, and the people who advocate for it. This would make some sense in the Age of ... [Read More]

America 2019: Even the Wealthy Are Poorer in Everything That Matters

The price we're paying to keep our heads above water steepens while the pay-off is dropping off a cliff.A good friend related a story that goes directly to the heart of what's broken in our way of life. My friend went to a reunion in Silicon Valley ... [Read More]

Millionaire Technical Analyst Says This about Gold Right Now

By Jeff Clark Senior Analyst, GoldSilver.com We don’t employ technical analysis that much, one reason being we’re buying gold and silver for what we believe will be a major shift in our markets, ... [Read More]

Metals & VIX Are Set To Launch Dramatically Higher

October 10, 2019 The recent rotation in the US stock market and US major indexes have set up a very interesting pattern in the Metals and VIX charts.  Our researchers believe precious metals, Gold and Silver, are setting up a new momentum ... [Read More]

The Hidden Costs of a Universal Basic Income

The universal basic income (UBI) is gaining popularity as the alternative to the current welfare system. The idea is to give each citizen the same amount of money, no matter if he or she works or not. Therefore, unlike traditional welfare systems, ... [Read More]

Why the Number of Firms Doesn’t Matter for Innovation

By: Per Bylund Consumers do not gain because there are many producers of the same good, the number is irrelevant. They also do not gain from firms competing with each other, their strategies matter little. Consumers gain from production directed ... [Read More]

Daily Digest 10/10 – Turkey launches airstrikes on northern Syria, Californians Fume Over Power Outages

Economy Turkey launches airstrikes on northern Syria after Trump pulls back U.S. troops (Thomas R.) “This morning, Turkey, a NATO member, invaded Syria,” Mr. Trump said. “The United States does not endorse this attack and has made it clear to Turkey ... [Read More]