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Pretending the US is Solvent

Except for gold, all the key market metrics were up this week. I have a feeling—it’s only a feeling—that some of gold’s weakness may be due to price manipulation by the bullion banks to shape a bearish psychology before June 24 when Basel III goes ... [Read More]

Seven Things Nobody Talks About that Will Eventually Matter–A Lot

Nobody seems to notice the 'diminishing returns' on Fed manipulation, oops, I mean 'intervention'. Perhaps it shouldn't surprise us that everything that will eventually matter is ignored until it does matter--but by then it's too late. Here's a ... [Read More]

A Brief History Of Secession Referenda in Europe

Scotland still hasn’t given up on holding another independence referendum within the next several years. Although London opposes the measure, it is notable that the debate over Scottish secession is not over whether or not a secession vote is moral ... [Read More]

With Reverse Repos, The Fed Is Now Trying to Clean up Its Own Mess

This spring Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes asked Fed chair Jerome Powell, “And you believe the system, because of the oversight of the Fed, has the wherewithal to stand a significant shock to the markets?”  After pointing out that the markets survived a ... [Read More]

Why “Wild Swings” In Crypto Prices are Not Really a Problem

Price "stability" has never been a feature of a free marketplace.  Stability is an obsession of central banks, and the day may come when central bankers intervene to "stabilize" crypto prices. That will be a bad thing.  Original Article: "Why "Wild ... [Read More]

Why America’s Oligarchs Are Moving Left

These days it’s not your typical latte-sipping millennials who are going woke. Taking a stroll around America’s largest metro areas will have one believe social justice is the latest fad that’s sweeping across corporate boardrooms. Much has been ... [Read More]

Transitory or Not, Inflation Is Here. It Could Be Much Higher Than You Realize

I’ve been writing about the possibility of higher inflation for months, and now it looks to have finally made landfall. The headline consumer price index (CPI) came in at 5% year-over-year, the highest in over a decade. The real rate is likely ... [Read More]

Be Very Afraid: Why Today’s Bureaucrats Love Fear-Based Politics

By: Gary Galles Outside of the D.C. Beltway, state capitols and city halls, bureaucrats receive something less than adulation from citizens. And libertarians often lead the chorus. But some bureau employees are necessary. One libertarian who ... [Read More]

The Ethics of Liberty with Ryan McMaken

Mises.org editor Ryan McMaken joins the show to tackle some of the toughest and most controversial chapters of Rothbard's groundbreaking treatise The Ethics of Liberty. McMaken and Jeff Deist cover abortion, the rights of children, defamation, and ... [Read More]

How Defamation Suits Are Used to Stifle Free Speech

There is no place in a free society for a government that sues private citizens for defamation. But even between private parties, defamation suits are often used by the powerful to silence others. Original Article: "How Defamation Suits Are Used to ... [Read More]

Bitcoin’s El Salvador Option

Saturday last, the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, shook the bitcoin world when he announced he would make bitcoin legal tender in his country. The hype after that was unbelievable, as the hodlers went into overdrive. There were some more ... [Read More]

Hook, Line & Sinker: Markets Have Bought the ‘Transitory’ Inflation Narrative

  Join Mike Maloney, Jeff Clark and Adam Taggart as they discuss some of the latest news including inflation expectations, Bitcoin as legal tender and housing priced in gold. It’s ... [Read More]

Is the Subjectivist Theory of Value Ideological?

According to Marxists, the subjective theory of value is just bourgeois apologetics. By using the subjective theory, economists conceal the fact that the proletariat under capitalism is exploited. The labor theory of value shows that labor is the ... [Read More]

The Fed Is Wrong: Inflation Is Sticky

The Fed's god-like powers will be revealed for what they really are: artifice and illusion. The Fed will be proven catastrophically wrong about inflation for the simple reason that inflation isn't transitory, it's sticky: when prices rise due to ... [Read More]

What Lies Will CPI Hold Today?

A Pfennig For Your Thoughts June 10, 2021 * Currencies & metals lose ground on Wednesday * Bill Bonner & Mohammed El-Erian join us for a discussion of inflation!  Good Day… And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to one and all! Well, ... [Read More]

El verdadero escándalo fiscal

By: Jeff Deist El autodenominado medio de periodismo de investigación ProPublica publicó recientemente información fiscal privada del IRS —presumiblemente información fiscal privada vergonzosa— de una serie de americanos ultra ricos y famosos. ... [Read More]

Jeff Deist on Black Rock and the Repo Crisis

Jeff Deist and David Gornoski talk about some of the recent news and relevant topics such as the buying up of homes by Black Rock; the federal reserve’s connection to big corporations; the out of control state of the Fed’s reverse REPO market; and ... [Read More]

With Capitalism, Cooperation Is Just as Important as Competition

It has often been asserted that we should cooperate rather than compete in society. For instance, FDR said, “Competition has been shown to be useful up to a certain point and no further, but cooperation, which is the thing we must strive for today, ... [Read More]

Government Schools Use Covid as an Excuse to Tighten Totalitarian Grip

While the recent clamp-down on power from public universities has mainly been in the realm of speech and expression, like almost every other government institution, they have used covid-19 as an opportunity to control students further. Original ... [Read More]

Why Keynes Was Wrong about Unemployment

Large-scale unemployment is another name for a surplus in the labor market. Equilibrium is a state which markets will naturally move toward as buyers and sellers look for mutually advantageous exchanges. Firms can always get some value from ... [Read More]