Off The Cuff: Waking Up To A Changed World

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Wolf Richter discuss:

  • How covid has accelerated decades-worth of change
  • Why industries & social behavior are permanently affected
  • It will take years for the new landscape to stabilize
  • Why the economic pain and inequality will lead to greater social unrest

Covid-19 has forced an immediate and permanent transformation of the global status quo, and we are in the early stages of understanding exactly how. But it is becoming clear that the pains involved will not be over quickly and that things will take years to stabilize.

Wolf explains how everything from jobs, to home prices, to social behavior, to financial assets will continue to be buffeted well into 2021, and how the actions of the Federal Reserve are exacerbating the complaints of injustice that underlie the multiplying protests around the nation.

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