Off The Cuff: The Times Are A-Changin

Off The Cuff: The Times Are A-Changin

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris speaks on:

  • Reflections From Costa Rica
    • A reminder of what it means to be in Nature
  • The Public Is Hitting Its Limits For Oppression
    • France’s Yellow Jacket protests are a sign of what’s to come
  • Market Crash Alert
    • Things are getting weaker by the day
  • It’s All About Power
    • The 1% will cling to their advantage as long as they can

As Bob Dylan sang: The times, they are a changin’. From ecosystem collapse to social unrest in Europe, to faltering financial markets — change appears to be breaking out everywhere right now. A recent trip to the rainforests of Costa Rica has given Chris a little rest, rejuvenation and arm’s-length perspective on things, which he shares in detail in this wide-ranging podcast

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