Off The Cuff: The People Are Rising Up Against The Elites

Off The Cuff: The People Are Rising Up Against The Elites

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss:

  • Class Warfare
    • Growing tenions between the rural/worker vs urban/financier classes
  • Why The Yellow Vest Movement Matters
    • It represents a populist anger brewing around the world
  • Financialization & Globalization Are The Disease
    • They give the elites tremendous advantage over everyone else
  • The Empire Is Striking Back
    • The global establishment is squashing unrest by every means it has

Chris continues to track the Yellow Vest protests across France Europe because it’s representative of a populist ire festering around the globe. Decades of financialization and globalization have created a parasitic elite class that is bleeding the working classes dry.

France is emerging as ground zero for a rebellion against those elites. And the Establishment Empire is doing all it can to suppress the movement before it catches fire in other countries, as it is already threatening to elsewhere in Europe. How soon until we see folks don their own yelow vest in the US, UK, Canada and Australia?

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