Off The Cuff: Swamped!

Off The Cuff: Swamped!

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and James Howard Kunstler discuss:

  • Complicit Insiders
    • Nearly everyone in DC has their hand in the cookie jar
  • No Heroes
    • There are no “good guys” left. Just varying degrees of criminals.
  • Not A US-Only Phenomenon
    • Most other countries/regions are as “swampy” as America (or worse)
  • A Hard Re-Set May Be The Inevitable Outcome
    • It’s increasingly looking like a breakdown will occur. That may be the chance we need for real change.

James Howard Kunstler sits down this week to explain why he sees a systemic breakdown — or “convulsion” — is likely ahead, and why that may be our best opportunity to re-orient society on a saner path; provided we have the courage and smarts to abandon the ‘leadership’ and behavior that got us to this breaking point.

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