Off The Cuff: Suddenly, Instability Is Everywhere

Off The Cuff: Suddenly, Instability Is Everywhere

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss:

  • When Will Rising Interest Rates Matter?
    • We’re close to the breaking point
  • The Fed As Buyer Of Last Resort
    • When the next recession hits, the Fed will directly buy bonds, stocks, etc
  • Suddenly, Weakness Is Everywhere
    • Italy, Argentina, Turkey, auto loans, student loans…
  • Ecologically, We’re Killing Ourselves
    • Along with a tremendous number of other species

John returns this week to address this key question: When will the market crack? There are so many signs of instability suddenly in the markets — when will they matter? Pricies are hanging in there, but the inexorable grind higher of the past 7 years has stalled out in 2018. This could very well be the year that everything changes.

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