Off The Cuff: Selling Pressure Everywhere

Bear vs investor chart

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and Mish Shedlock discuss:

  • This Smells A Lot Like 2000
    • Valuations are running purely on hype & wishful thining
  • Netflix & Tesla
    • Case studies that prove the point
  • Sell Everything!
    • Stocks, bonds, real estate — it’s all getting sold right now
  • The Manipulators Are Getting Desperate
    • From overnight futures to cryptos, the hands of the manipulators are increasingly visible

It’s feeling a lot like 2000 these days agree Chris and Mish. Valuations are based on a wing and prayer, with huge leaps of faith required to believe in the ‘story stocks’ left propping up the markets. It smacks of the dot-com bubble’s insistence that profitability doesn’t matter as long as you have “eyeballs”.

They also agree it’s worth noting that the sudden market weakness appears across all major asset classes, something rarely seen outside of a prelude to a market correction and/or entry into recession.

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