Off The Cuff: Running Out Of Time (And Energy)

Off The Cuff: Running Out Of Time (And Energy)

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris speaks on:

  • Winning The Battle, Losing The War
    • The reckoning approaches for the central banking cartel
  • Running Out Of Time
    • Our economic status quo has less than a decade left
  • More Growth Is Not The Answer
    • Our pursuit of it is literally killing us
  • When This Breaks, All Hell Will Break Loose
    • We’ve propped the system up too much for too long

Halloween was just last week. In this week’s Off The Cuff, Chris talks about the frights that keep him up at night: most notably, the complete lack of preparedness our society has for the coming energy crunch. We simply do not have enough economically-extractable BTUs to power our current lifestyle for much longer given the pae of global demand.

Something is going to have to give. Likely a lot of things will. And one of the first casualties will be global economic growth.

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