Off The Cuff: Media Censorship & Misinformation

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss:

  • Media misinformation is rampant now
  • Disgruntled people are migrating to independent sources
  • Ideological influence and financial inequality are making us a more divided society than ever
  • What will the post-election future look like?

This discussion is extremely relevant in the current moment of censorship accusations swirling in the media, as major publications like the New York Post clash with Twitter and Facebook over which news is fit to print. Access to a thriving free press is Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights, and for a very good reason — it’s a cornerstone of liberty. Though that feels very much in jeopardy these days.

If we can’t agree on the facts, how can we intelligently work through our differences? How can we govern ourselves fairly and objectively in such a world?

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