Off The Cuff: Is The Crack-Up Boom Here?

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris and John Rubino discuss:

  • It looks a lot like the start of a crack-up boom
  • Will the markets ever fall again?
  • History shows our current path ends badly, and in a destroyed currency
  • How can investors protect their wealth in such a dangerous, complex time?

2020 just gets more and more challenging. After a brief sell-off in March, stocks and pretty much every other type of financial asset are in full melt-up mode.

Fueled by the Federal Reserve and Congress’ stimulus programs, and cheered by the Administration, higher prices seem the top national priority. Is this sustainable? It it wise? Do we even have markets anymore, or do we just have a charade of one — where eternal rising prices are now pre-determined?

John and Chris tackle these questions, along with their repercussions for the country and for concerned individual investors trying not to lose their hard-earned savings to runaway inflation OR a deflationary popping of the current asset price bubble:

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