Off The Cuff: A New Liquidity Crisis?

Off The Cuff: A New Liquidity Crisis?

In this week’s Off The Cuff podcast, Chris speaks on:

  • Gratitude
    • A key element of Emotional Resilience
  • “But Technology Will Solve Everything!”
    • Here’s why it won’t
  • Housing Market Woes
    • We’re on the downward slide now
  • A New Liquidity Crisis
    • Stap in. It’s going to get bumpy

Recording on Thanksgiving, Chris reflects on all we at Peak Prosperity have to be grateful for. One of the biggest blessings is the clarity to see things as they are, not necessarily as we wish they would be.

This may have been the last Thanksgiving in a while when the world economy remains stable. It’s increasingly looking like we are the terminal end of the third credit cycle in as many decades. The ending of this one may indeed prove much more disruptive than the previous two. 

Which is why those of us currently tracking developments will be much better prepared for what’s to come than the general masses. As Chris advises, be prepared to provide insight, stability and support to those in your life who get caught flat-footed when the next crisis hits.

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