Non-Dollar Investing With Eric Fry (Video)

It has been fascinating to watch how attention to the global marketplace has exploded.

Chuck and I have been involved with and commentating on these markets since the late 1970s (and we’ve been working together since 1981). Over that time, we’ve seen investors move from ignoring stock and bond markets outside the U.S. – or even considering currencies and metals as an asset class – to the point where the U.S. markets are roiled when events happen overseas. In 1981, for example, literally no one did much China watching; this past August, the U.S. markets plunged briefly as China reported bad economic news.

Another longtime market observer – and, in this case, participant – is Eric Fry. Eric has been a hedge fund manager, investment manager, worked with the legendary Jim Grant, and was the executive editor of the Daily Reckoning for a decade. He is currently the co-founder of Beyond the Dollar, LLC, and the editor of “The Non-Dollar Report”.

I’ll also be speaking alongside Eric, commodities expert Karim Rahemtulla and others at the premier Beyond the Dollar Summit this coming January – check out the details here and join us!

As a background, we all know that the U.S. dollar has been strong over the past 5 years or so, and that the commodity and resource markets have been weak to devastated, depending on the sector. In addition, after many years of excellent returns, developing and emerging stock markets have turned in several years of poor to outright bad performance.

This situation intrigues me. When and if global activity picks up, the prices of resources, the values of currencies, and possibly the global stock markets could rise significantly. If they only reach a fraction of levels seen in the mid-2000s, then certainly, I would be happy with those returns.

I sat down with Eric and had a chance to talk about a number of our favorite things in the wide world of investing. I hope you enjoy the conversation and take some great ideas away from it.


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Frank Trotter
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