Nintendo DX Could be Huge — But Only If It Launches with Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon

nintendo-logoNintendo Co., Ltd (ADR)(OTCMKTS:NTDOY) is hurriedly prepping to unveil its new console, dubbed the NX, and if it wants to avoid another Wii U-type disaster, the company needs to make sure its flagship games are ready at launch.

According to Forbes:

A new report says that Nintendo is trying to avoid another Wii U situation where the console launches without most of its major franchises. According to MCV, Nintendo not only has The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild planned for near-launch, but also new Mario and Pokémon games. All three would supposedly be out within the first six months of console lifespan.

Huge, if true.

I’m not even being sarcastic. The NX is going to struggle with expectations as it will almost certainly be less powerful than many “core” gamers would want, but if it create an instantly must-have collection of games, that may not matter, at least not early on.

Games will obviously be the key to the console’s success, and more good news was released recently on that front. “Nintendo has been shoring up third party support from Activision, Ubisoft, SEGA, Square Enix and WB,” according to reports. Third party game development is the backbone of any successful video game console, so it’s good to hear that Nintendo is inking deals with publishers.

Because the NX won’t compete with other next-gen (or even current-gen) consoles in terms of graphics, it absolutely needs to nail the gameplay. Nintendo was able to do that with the Wii — the system was underpowered relative to its peers, but its fun factor was off the charts, and it became a cultural phenomenon because of its great launch games, which included a bundled Wii Sports.

The NX will reportedly be a mobile console, which fits in with a modern, active lifestyle. That factor could help it stand out amongst its competitors as well, as long as the games offer something different that players can get anywhere else.

Nintendo shares rose +0.16 (+0.62%) to $25.98 in Monday morning trading. NTDOY has risen almost 50% this year on the back of assumed gains from Pokemon Go’s popularity, although the shares have cooled off from their yearly highs of $38.25.


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