“Mugs & Metals” on the silver squeeze. Got gold?

Last week I joined February’s “Mugs & Metals” panel that discussed the “silver squeeze” that is going on. In this discussion, lead by Elijah Johnson, I joined Frank Holmes, Andy Schectman, Lobo Tiggre, Patrick Vierra, Chris Marcus, Robert Kientz and Tavi Costa.

From Andy Schectman, we learned that retail bullion dealers are unable to access silver without paying huge premiums even as in some instances they have to wait many weeks to take delivery. At the current price, constrained by the massive paper markets, supply is simply not coming on to the markets. Andy opined that it would take at least $50 silver before some supply might be pried from the hands of silver hoarders. He went on to say “We’ve seen the most demand in 30 years for silver at Miles Franklin in the last two weeks.”

I would suggest you watch the video below to learn more about this ongoing “squeeze” and listen to the various interesting comments not only about silver, but also about gold, fiat currency, opportunity to make money in mining stocks, etc. What is going on is much bigger than a silver “squeeze.” Suddenly it is also difficult to get gold… There is an awakening going on and you should pay attention to it.