Mises University Schedule, Accommodations, Airport & Required Reading

Listed below is information on accommodations, shuttle between airports and Auburn, and links to the readings that all students must complete before attending Mises University.  Masks are not required, but please respect distancing from faculty and other students. If you wish to wear a mask, please bring one, as well as individual hand sanitizer. Students who exhibit signs of illness will be asked to leave the conference.

The 2021 preliminary schedule will be posted on this page in mid-June.  The format will be similar to Mises U 2019 schedule which is here.  

All materials are available on Mises.org free of charge, and most readings are available in multiple formats (e.g., PDF, ePub, HTML, audio).

Required Reading

Anatomy of the State by Murray N. Rothbard

The Philosophical Origins of Austrian Economics by David Gordon

Praxeology and Understanding by George A. Selgin

Profit and Loss by Ludwig von Mises

?I, Pencil by Leonard Read

What Has Government Done to Our Money? by Murray N. Rothbard, pp. 1-87

From The Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays, edited by Richard M. Ebeling:

  • “Introduction: The Austrian Theory in Perspective” by Roger W. Garrison, pp. 7-35
  • “Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure” by Murray N. Rothbard, pp. 65-91
  • “Can We Still Avoid Inflation?” Friedrich A. Hayek, pp. 93-120

From Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt:

  • “The Lesson,” pp. 3-7
  • “The Broken Window,” pp. 11-16

From Economic Freedom and Interventionism by Ludwig von Mises

  • “The Elite Under Capitalism”
  • “The Individual in Society”

From An Introduction to Austrian Economics by Thomas C. Taylor:

  • “Introduction,” pp. 7-21
  • “The Subjective Theory of Value,” pp. 40-62

From Planning for Freedom by Ludwig von Mises:

  • “Planning for Freedom,” pp. 1-17
  • “Middle of the Road Policy Leads to Socialism,” pp. 18-35

“Fundamentals of Value and Price” by Murray N. Rothbard (in The Rothbard Reader, pp. 89-126)

“Economic Calculation” by Ludwig von Mises (in Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, pp. 113-122)

“The Meaning of Competition” by F. A. Hayek

Optional Reading

Penthouse Interviews Murray Rothbard?

Final Exam

Mündliche Prüfung is an optional exam for students who would like to have their knowledge tested at the end of the conference. The exam is open only to students. Preliminary written testing on Thursday determines who is qualified to take the final exam on Saturday. Questions consist of general knowledge learned from required readings and plenary lectures. Results of the preliminary testing will be posted on the bulletin board in the outdoor dining area by Friday morning. If you pass the preliminary exam, then you will email to [email protected] by Friday at 4:00 p.m. a list of classes you attended or will attend this week (not including plenary sessions). On Saturday, a faculty jury will engage each of the preliminary passing examinees in a 10-minute question-and-answer session based on the readings and the lectures each has attended. At graduation, those who pass the oral exams will receive a graded certificate. Each faculty panel will select two students as the leading candidates from its examinations. These six finalists will then undergo a deeper examination by the entire faculty. The third and second highest scorers will receive the Grand Aldrich Prize of $500 and $1,000 respectively. The student selected by the faculty as the most learned of the conference will receive the Douglas E. French Prize of $2,500.

Accommodations, Airport Shuttle, Meals, Attire, Directions, and More!

Students on scholarship: Scholarships include all sessions, refreshment breaks and social hours, and meals beginning with dinner on Sunday, July 12 and ending with dinner on Saturday, July 18, and accommodations at Auburn University Hotel with arrival Sunday July 12 and departure Sunday July 19. 

Conference Registration is at the Mises Institute, 518 W. Magnolia Avenue in Auburn on Sunday, July 12 anytime between 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Central Time, with dinner at 6:00 p.m. and the opening lecture at 7:00. Registration is a very quick process of picking up your name tag.  The Massey and Ward Libraries of the Mises Institute will be open for research and browsing at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 12. The Institute is within walking distance of the hotel, less than a mile. The conference closes with dinner and an awards ceremony Saturday late afternoon, July 18. Most people will depart the hotel Sunday, July 19. If you are a finalist in the optional Mises U exam, you must be present at the closing dinner to accept your award. (See Awards section.)

Attire: Casual, but appropriate for an office environment (no tank tops, short-shorts, etc., but jeans, walking shorts, nice t-shirts are fine). The weather will be very hot and humid, but we highly recommend you bring a light jacket as the air conditioning in the classrooms can be very cool. For the group photo on Tuesday, please wear a collared shirt if possible — like a golf shirt or similar, with no large logos on it.  Be sure to bring an umbrella or rain jacket! 

Parking and Directions: Driving directions to the Mises Institute are here. Auburn University Hotel is located at 241 South College Street in Auburn. Restaurants and general Auburn area info is here. The Tiger Transit bus line that may be useful is here.  The parking lot of the hotel is under construction, but currently there is free parking across the street in the Auburn University parking deck. Parking is free at the Mises Institute. There will be printed schedules at the hotel when you arrive, with walking directions as well as shuttle times from the hotel to the Mises Institute.

Airport and Shuttles: Most people coming to Auburn fly into the airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Students are responsible for making and paying for reservations between Auburn and the airport. Groome Transportation provides shuttle service only from Atlanta airport and their reservations can be made here.  Tiger Taxi Shuttles can be reserved from Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery AL, or Columbus GA airports to Auburn. Your drop off and pick up location will be Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center, 241 South College Street.  Atlanta airport is on Eastern time, one hour ahead of Auburn, which is on Central time. The trip from Atlanta to Auburn takes about an hour and 45 minutes.

Mises Bookstore: Titles for sale at Mises.org/Store will be available for purchase during the conference. Faculty will be happy to autograph their books. Please ask the cashier about student discounts on certain titles.

Visiting Scholars Manual: Attendance at Mises University indicates your acceptance of the terms outlined in the Mises Institute Visiting Scholars Manual.

Dietary Restrictions: Please email [email protected] before June 29 to reserve vegetarian meals (the only alternative dietary option).

Guests: Only scholarship students and paid Observers may attend MU sessions, meals, and social hours with the exception of pre-approved guests of Faculty. 

Other Info: You are welcome to receive mail at the Institute to your attention, Mises Institute, 518 W. Magnolia Avenue, Auburn, Alabama 36832. The packages will be held for you at the Mises front desk. International calling cards can be purchased at the front desk of the Institute for long-distance calls on telephones at the Institute. There are a number of computers and printers at the Institute for your use in research and to check email. Or you are welcome to bring your laptop as there is complimentary wireless access throughout the building. International students should bring a converter for 110 V.

Gym: Gym and pool facilities are not available on the Auburn University campus. Before July 12 there will be information on this page about Auburn gyms that might be open.

Questions: Patricia Barnett [email protected] 

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