Mike’s New Crypto Documentary & Large Silver Purchase

Mike Maloney is days away from releasing a cryptocurrency documentary as part of his blockbuster YouTube series, Hidden Secrets Of Money.
Below is his latest investment video where he mentions the upcoming release:

Mike Maloney
DEC 12, 2017

Watch this 9-minute video to learn which indicators have prompted Mike Maloney to make an investment move. You’ll also get some exciting news on a new cryptocurrency project.

“This is my journey in cryptocurrencies. There’s some really big, big news at the end of this thing—you’re going to want to watch it. For those who don’t know know how cryptocurrencies work, this is a pretty good primer. We get down into the guts of a computer and animate what’s going on so that you can understand what a full consensus distributed ledger is, which is the really important part of what cryptocurrencies are.”
Hidden Secrets Of Money is a groundbreaking new docu-series hosted by Mike Maloney, monetary historian and author of the world’s bestselling book ‘Guide To Investing In Gold & Silver’. Mike’s goal is to remove the fog of modern economics for ordinary people and show them that although the world economy is on shaky ground, in every crisis there lies opportunity. In the new episode, he folds the evolution of cryptocurrencies into the story, history in the making.