Mike Maloney’s Highway To Government Hell

OCT 31, 2017

Mike is stuck in traffic in New York. A trip that should take 10 minutes is taking a half hour. So, he filmed this video on the incompetence of government-run roadways and how much time and tax dollars they waste.


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The Most Important Thing You Will Read Today

Central banks “did their job” according to Martin Wolf in the Financial Times. MarkGB disagrees, click on the text to expand his response.

G. Edward Griffin: Formation of a Cartel on the World’s Money Supply

Mr. Griffin discusses the room at the resort on Jekyll Island where the Federal Reserve system was created. Only the most powerful and politically connected people could come here.

China’s Yuan for Oil With Gold-Backed Futures Goes Mainstream Media

The Chinese Yuan currency for oil backed by gold futures contract has broken into mainstream media and is a wake up call.

Has America Been Secretly on the Gold Standard?

As Janet Yellen nears the end of her term as chairman of the Fed, the value of a one-dollar Federal Reserve note is at 1,269th of an ounce of gold. Identical to the 1,262nd of an ounce of gold at which it was valued on the day she acceded to the Fed chairmanship. Is that just a coincidence?