Michael Every: A Global “Meta-Crisis” Is Unfolding, Expect Seismic Disruptions In…Everything

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2022 has already seen more surprises, uncertainty and instability than most thought possible when the year started.

But what if the changes underway now are vastly more significant than we realize?

Michael Every, Global Strategist at Rabobank, thinks that may indeed be the case. From his perspective, the geopolitical world order is in the process of Balkanizing – a process started before, but dramatically exacerbated, by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The shock waves are just starting in his estimation. And they will disrupt trade, political alliances, financial markets, and the flow of the world’s critical resources. Imagine a world where China sides with Russia and effectively stops trading with the US and its allies…

In short: he predicts the coming decade will be very different from those in living memory.

Strap yourself in and get ready to hear why, and what we as regular investors should be doing now to prepare.

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There’s no doubt that it’s a very challenging time right now for the average investor. Above and beyond the recent economic impacts of COVID, the new era of record low interest rates, runaway US debt and US deficits, and trillions of dollars in monetary and fiscal stimulus stimulus has changed the rules of investing by dangerously distorting the Dow index, the S&P 500, and nearly all other asset prices. Can prices keep rising, or is there a painful reckoning ahead?

Let us help you prepare your portfolio just in case the future brings one or more of the following: inflation, deflation, a bull market, a bear market, a market correction, a stock market crash, a real estate bubble, a real estate crash, an economic boom, a recession, a depression, or another global financial crisis.

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