Merry Christmas Everyone!

* Currencies for the most part rally this morning.
* Time to get started with the celebrations.
* Chuck goes out in public again!
* Happy, Happy, Happy.

And now. Today’s A Pfennig For Your Thoughts.

Good day. And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to you! Yes, it’s me! I know I said last week that I would be away from writing every day until after Christmas, but then I realized that on Christmas Eve morning, I always present my Christmas poem (term used lightly) and thought, well, that could be my Christmas gift to Frank and Chris! They could sleep in today, and I would take the conn on the Pfennig since the majority of the letter today is my rendition of T’was The Night Before Christmas.

But before we get to that, I know, you’re champing at the bit to skip ahead, we first have a thought or two from the cheap seats where I sit. Last night, I went to the Annual Braggin’ Rights Game between the basketball teams of Missouri and Illinois. Have I ever told you how obnoxious Illinois fans are at these games? I’ve been going to this game for decades now, off and on, and I’ve never been misguided in my opinion of them! Our house is decorated for Christmas, family will begin arriving in the early evening, and after our Christmas Eve celebration, we’ll get up tomorrow morning and do it again for the kids! And then the following day is my lovely wife’s birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Kathy.

The currencies have been better this week from my view in the cheap seats. But the ranges have been tight. No Santa rally or a “Chuck’s on vacation, currencies rally” thing happened either. It’s just been tight ranges, and a somewhat softer dollar. I’m going to break from the normal banging on this and that with the economic data today, because it’s Christmas Eve! I just don’t have it in me to be my normal self when looking at that stuff today. There’ll be plenty of time to bang on the economic data next week when we come back from Christmas. So, for today, it’s a soft dollar, and next week, we’ll see what the traders have in mind to end the year. there’s no real news from around the world to go through today, nobody cut rates, nobody implemented more QE, or anything on that order. So, let’s have some fun, to start our day, and get Christmas started early!

Alrighty then. Are you ready? Grab that hot cup of coffee, no Bailey’s just yet, and let’s get on with our celebrations!

T’ was the night before Christmas
And I feel like I’ve gone against the tide.
Another year has passed
With my beautiful bride at my side.

The year has been a mixed bag of nuts
And crazy as it might seem
I’m not giving up
On this strange dream

I’m dreaming of a country without any debt
A country that has freedom and liberties you bet!
A country that lets businesses growth and breathe
And add to employment, with nothing up their sleeves!

But back to reality I’ve come today
To give out gifts and thanks to everyone
That has made this year fun each and every day!

It’s Christmas ,a time for joy
and so with that, I’ll pass out all the toys
for the good girls and boys I work with each day
and hope they accept this instead of hefty pay!

There’s no one that works harder each day
Than my friend, Frank Trotter, (think he’ll hike my pay?)
I don’t know of anyone that has been any more a staunch supporter
Of what I do, and for that, I thank him for being smarter!

So…I call off the roll call and call them by name
Chris Gaffney, and Mike Meyer, And Jennifer Mclean
There’s our little Christine, with Tim, Ty, and Aaron
with Antione, Cisco (Mike H) and Dane..

We’ve all been together for many a year now
I’ve just go to say,
That I’m so happy that each of you are here
So, give yourself applause, and take a bow!

We’ve also had a couple of additions this year
Our World Markets Desk family continues to grow
There are lots of little kids now, oh, looky there!
They are cute as can be, oh help me please!

There’s our Operations people who make things tick
And IT, New Products, and Marketing, who do the trick!
There are so many people at EverBank these days
That I wouldn’t be able to mention them all I hope that’s OK

I always have something in my bundle of toys
For my beautiful bride who brings me such joy!
And all of my kids and grandkids of whom I’m so proud
And have always supported me,
Even when I sing out loud!

So, now I turn to my dear friends,
With whom I have so much fun
And say I can’t wait for our trip to Spring Training
For baseball and days in the sun!

And finally, my bag is getting empty,
But there’s one more gift to give
To my dear Pfennig Readers
You give me reason to outlive
All other writers, now that’s a goal!

I love Christmas, it’s my second favorite time of year
The decorations, the light in children’s’ eyes,
And the spirit of the season, it’s so sincere

Before I head out the door
I stop to think about how many Pfennigs I’ve done
that go out each day before we see a rise in the sun!
And the countless hours of research and reading
that go into each days attempt to be creative…

So… I think about our country’s debt
and it worries me so
But, hope that my warnings will finally be heard
by more than faithful readers, Maybe the World!

And with my final thought as I slip out of sight
and proclaim…
Merry Christmas to all…
and to all a good night!

I’ll leave you with a line that I’ve used for several years now, that I find tugs at the heart strings.

May the light of faith, the warmth of heart, and the love of family be your gifts this year!

Thank you and goodnight

Chuck Butler
Managing Director
EverBank Global Markets
Editor of A Pfennig For Your Thoughts