Market Reversal Ahead!

Major Market Reversal Ahead! | Felix Zulauf

Highly-respected money manager Felix Zulauf oversees billions in assets, so he doesn’t have the luxury of an opinion without conviction. 

And he thinks that, after a decade of suppression by global central banks, market cycles are now back with a vengeance and must be respected by anyone allocating capital.

Zulauf predicts that the financial markets will correct by 20% or more over the coming months as the Federal Reserve initially embarks on hiking interest rates.

But he then expects the Fed to reverse its stance and adopt more dovish policies by summer, which will resume the bull market in stocks through 2024.

To successfully protect & growth their wealth through the volatility ahead, investors are going to have to be much more attentive, nimble and prepared for surprises.

Felix is one of the truly great seasoned capital managers still in the business. To learn the details of what he sees ahead, watch our brand new interview with him