Gold Price Manipulation

David Jensen Explains How Gold Prices are Manipulated Lower

Action Plan to Prevent US Monetary and Economic Collapse May 1, 2015

Outline David Jensen talks about Central banker’s radical policy, discusses China’s model for the New World Order and says sound money is critical for the economy. Download

Alleged Russian Coup Attempt Leading to Breach of US / European Alliance – Global Currency Market Turbulence Mar 26, 2015

Outline David Jensen outlines recent events that suggest U.S. allies of the past 70 years out of fear of nuclear war, are being driven away from the U.S. toward the BRICS. Download

World Gold Council Deception – Palladium Ready to Explode Higher Mar 11, 2015

Outline David Jensen talks about how in promoting gold as jewelry, the World Gold Council vastly underestimates gold demand, especially from China.  Download

Gresham’s Law Predicts LBMA’s End Feb 11, 2015

Outline David Jensen shows how the LBMA is ensuring its own destruction by allowing bad money (paper gold) to drive out good money (real gold). Download

LBMA Data Points to Gold and Silver Default Jan 29, 2015

Outline David Jensen says gold and silver bullion is massively inadequate to meet bullion demands should investors demand delivery. Download

The LBMA Silver Criticality  Jan 14, 2015

Outline David Jensen provides understanding for the precious metals scam and explains why the LBMA paper swindle is at a critical point. Download

A weekly Look at Gold Market Fundamentals with David Jensen Jan 7, 2015

Outline David Jansen says the fraudulent money game, embarked on by the banks with the detachment of gold from the dollar, may soon end. Download