Maloney: ‘One Hell of a Crisis Looms”

The Chris Martenson Interview of Mike Maloney: “One Hell of a Crisis Looms”

Peak Prosperity

Mike Maloney sat down for a nearly hourlong interview with Chris Martenson, whom you may have seen in Mike’s new Hidden Secrets of Money episodes. Think of this as your real-time-update companion to HSOM 9: Fall of Empires: Rome vs. USA and HSOM 10: American Bread & Circus.

“Gold and silver are tremendously undervalued right now, and I dare you to try to find another asset that is tremendously undervalued. There just is not. By all measures, everything is just in these hyper-bubbles. OK, real estate is not quite a hyper-bubble; it’s not quite as big as 2005 and 2006, but by all measures, it’s back into a bubble. But now, we’ve got the bond bubble, the biggest debt bubble in the world. These are all going to pop.

We had a stock market crash in the year 2000, and then in 2008, we had a crash in stocks and real estate. The next crash is going to be in stocks, real estate and bonds — including a lot of sovereign debt, corporate bonds and a whole lot of other bonds that will be crashing at the same time. So, it will be all of the standard financial asset classes, including the traditional ‘safe haven’ of bonds that are going to be crashing at the same time that the world monetary system is falling apart.”