Make the Mises Institute Stronger in 2021

The 2020 election has highlighted what we have long understood. America is not a united nation, but an empire ruled by an imperial city under the façade of “democracy.” Now, more and more Americans are waking up to this reality and reconsidering the legitimacy of our federal government.

In the minibook The Imposers and the Imposed Upon, which you will receive with your donation today, Jeff Deist addresses this issue head on. Evoking the great works of Ludwig von Mises—Nation, State, and EconomySocialism, and Liberalism—Deist considers the consequences of the West turning away from liberalism and embracing the authoritarian nature of the modern state.

How has the Left had so much success in a nation that was the direct byproduct of classical liberalism? By controlling the narrative and depicting the ruling class in America as the true “victims” of society, and leveraging such status for political power.

The result has been a century of war, welfare, bureaucracy, spending, and central banking.

As Deist notes, “To be a libertarian today is to be a reactionary against the state degradations and impositions of the twentieth century.”

What happens when Americans begin to resist the professional political class? What happens when America’s cultural divides can no longer be resolved politically? What happens when political minorities refuse to submit to those who seek to rule them?

The answer may define the future of liberty in America.

From the beginning, the Mises Institute has stood in defiance of the empire. While the Left desires control and destruction, we stand for prosperity and civilization.

Your donation today will help us continue this mission at a crucial time in American history.

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