LIVE AGAIN! My participation in the MIF Conference – Nov. 12 and 13 – in Vancouver

As usual I attended and spoke at the Metals Investor Forum live in Vancouver this past November 12.  It was the first time that we had this conference in person in Vancouver (although it was also available live on the internet) since early 2020.  It was great to be able to meet with people in person again and get a chance to listen and meet face to face with the various companies there that have the opportunity to develop and become big winners in the mining area, some of which I follow in my newsletter but also some new ones that I may take a look at in the future.

For those of you who did not have the opportunity to attend it, I am listing below the links to the presentation of each company I invited as well as my backstage interview with two of them.  Later on the backstage interview with Quinton Hennigh on behalf of Goliath Resources and White Rock Minerals will be also available.

I titled my talk “Why Inflation is not Transitory and the Great Crossway is Underway” but I will not go into more details here.  I will let you listen to it as you wish and draw your own conclusions.

Jay Taylor’s Presentation


But I would strongly suggest that you also listen to the presentations of the four companies listed below, which I introduced at the MIF: Amex Exploration, a company that has the High Grade Zone, which is becoming one of the richest single gold zones among Canadian Archean orogenic gold deposits ever discovered; Puma Exploration, an early exploration company that has shown consistent high-grade assays reported over mineable widths and expecting more drill results before the end of 2021; Goliath Exploration, with a high-grade discovery made via channel sampling on the Golddigger project in the Golden Triangle in 2020 and showing very promising drill results; and White Rock Minerals, an Australian-based company that also has some high-grade gold prospects there that should provide some exciting news flow in our winter months.

Amex Exploration Inc. Kelly Malcolm
Goliath Resources Ltd. Dr Quinton Hennigh
Puma Exploration Inc. Marcel Robillard
White Rock Minerals Ltd. Dr Quinton Hennigh

Below you can also see the backstage interviews I did with Amex Exploration and Puma Exploration.  As I noted above, there will be two backstage interviews with Quinton Hennigh for Goliath Resources and White Rock Minerals that will soon be available:

Amex Exploration Inc. Kelly Malcolm
Puma Exploration Inc. Marcel Robillard

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Jay Taylor

About Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor is editor of J Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter. His interest in the role gold has played in U.S. monetary history led him to research gold and into analyzing and investing in junior gold shares. Currently he also hosts his own one-hour weekly radio show Turning Hard Times Into Good Times,” which features high profile guests who discuss leading economic issues of our day. The show also discusses investment opportunities primarily in the precious metals mining sector. He has been a guest on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg and BNN and many mining conferences.