Jeff Deist: Is the Sky Falling?

By: Jeff Deist
Mises Weekends with Jeff Deist

The media insists the US economy has recovered from the 2008 crash. Equities markets have enjoyed a bull run since the election. Housing prices are rising in expensive coastal cities. Government offices continue to report that GDP is growing while inflation remains in check. And insiders like JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon insist that American consumers and businesses are upbeat about the future.

But is the supposed recovery an illusion, fueled by an artificial supply of money and cheap credit from the Fed? Are housing and equity prices headed for a fall? Is inflation actually much higher than reported? Will older Americans ever recover their savings lost in the last crash? Will savers continue to lose ground to artificially low interest rates?

Has the US economy recovered, or is it a house of cards? Jeff Deist assesses the Trump economy.

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