Jay Interviews Some of His Favorites at the MIF in Vancouver

In addition to my presentation at the MIF that I shared with you in my previous email, I also want to share with you the presentations of the two companies I brought to this Forum along with my interview with each one of these two companies, Klondike Gold Corp. and Radisson Mining Resources. I must disclose that not only I invited both companies to present at the MIF but I also own shares in both of them because I believe they are really good companies to invest in and on their way to success.

Another company that I really like and got the opportunity to do a video interview with at the MIF was Sitka Gold, in which I also own shares. Guilty as charged, I like this company a lot too and believe it has great prospects.

Below are the links to these interviews and company presentations:

Jay Taylor’s interview with Peter Tallman of Klondike Gold


Klondike Gold’s MIF presentationhttps://youtu.be/SYXC_csb7-g


Jay Taylor’s interview with Hubert Parent of Radisson Mining Resources  https://youtu.be/GJvRPHu87Lk

Radisson Mining Resources MIF presentationhttps://youtu.be/7_YitFgKNh4

Jay Taylor’s interview with Sitka Gold



Another mining company that I got the opportunity to interview at the MIF that hadn’t been on my radar before, but seemed very interesting, was ValOre Metals.  Here is the link to my interview with Jim Paterson of ValOre Metalshttps://youtu.be/hRfiGsMB2jg

There were so many other good companies present at the MIF that it is difficult to bring you all the interesting presentations there, some of which I follow in my newsletter and really have high hopes for, to name just a couple, Great Bear Resources and Irving Resources, for example.

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