It’s Time to Respond

  • How financialization facilitates wealth transfer
  • How to escape the slow squeeze of financialization
  • Understanding mannon
  • How to prepare for the future

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Given that the powers that be are highly motivated to keep their power and privilege intact, we all need to be prepared for the trends to continue for a while longer, perhaps a lot longer, before they change.

In fact, I think we need to get this right out on the table; nothing will change until something forces that change.

Whether that’s an ecological catastrophe that cannot be ignored any longer, a financial collapse, or a social rebellion is unknowable.  But something along those lines.

Power never gives up its advantages willingly.  Especially not a power structure so far gone that it shrugs when its children (as young as 5!) and farmers alike are resorting to suicide as a means of escape from its depredations and oversights.

Especially not from a system of banking that doesn’t even question handing out many trillions of dollars against dodgy collateral (“it was an emergency!”).

Meanwhile you and I have to live our lives knowing that there’s a rigged game afoot that is rather unhinged and bottomless in its desire for more (mammon is winning).

The opportunity, such as it is, is for us to first recognize this game for what it is (rigged) and to realign our own actions with the future we wish to see.  Step one is…

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