It’s All about Defending the Dollar Based Wall Street Empire


One of many important things never talked about in Presidential debates is the prominence of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency.  Yet nothing is more important in sustaining America’s global aggression or holding up the increasingly sick global financial system. As a matter of fact, as one who was born in 1947, when the world was still on an international gold standard, and as one who watched Nixon suddenly pull the rug out from under that system which kept the world in balance, geopolitically and economically, I believe the dollar is the most important issue never discussed in political campaigns, especially since Ted succeeded in eliminating Rand Paul as a competing Presidential candidate.  I say that because Cruz was one of the few candidates other than Rand Paul who talked about going back on a gold standard and who also was adamant in saying that the Fed must be audited.  But only Bush and Clinton rank ahead of Cruz in campaign contributions from Wall Street and his wife worked for the ultimate anti-free market banking firm—Goldman Sachs. Is it any wonder he has gone silent on the issue of the Fed, gold and the dollar since Rand Paul dropped out of the race?

Regarding the dollar, I believe it is now becoming very vulnerable and may in fact explain much of the Obama’s administration’s seemingly weak foreign policy, at least in the eyes of Republican candidates. Specifically there are two events relating to Iran that I think may provide some insights into the bigger picture, that being dollar hegemony and global geopolitics. And of course, as the dollar goes, so goes gold and other tangible assets:

  1. Secretary of State John Kerry says toughness against Iran and our Allies who do not share a hawkish trade stance with Iran “is a recipe for the American dollar to cease being the reserve currency of the world.” Kerry made this response to a suggestion from a reporter that we ought to sanction nations like India and China for not supporting the S. aggressively against Iran and the remarks were made as the Obama administration was fighting against Republican opposition for the Iranian nuclear arms treaty.
  1. A headline from Radio France: “U.S. Treasury is after major economic deal with Iran” which you can read here: .

LewIn the above article dated April 1, 2016, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said this past Thursday that the U.S. Treasury department is to refurbish a very significant economic deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the documentary report aired by the French radio quoting Jack Lew, he admitted that the Treasury Department is to revive economic cooperation with Iran and warned the Republican U.S. Congress that toughening of financial punishments against Iran could weaken the U.S. role as well as U.S. dollars in the global market.

So it has been my contention that in the midst of all the Presidential debate chatter which has as its focus who has small hands and therefore a small male member or which candidate is being unfaithful to their spouses, the most important issues of all—dollar hegemony and the global financial system—are being ignored. The driver in all of what is going on behind the curtain is money. Yet it is seldom talked about. Yet, it seems clear to me that for all of the tough talk from the Republican War party about how we should nuke Iran and China and Russia, there is complete ignorance about the real dynamic that is underlying what appears to the hawks to be a weak foreign policy on the part of the Obama administration.

The Counterfeit U.S. Dollar is the Heart & Soul of the American Empire!

The Russian, Chinese and Iranian leaders are not stupid. They know the U.S. has been robbing them blind ever since Nixon sold out the integrity of the dollar in 1971. When Secretary of State Kissinger made a deal with the evil dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, that virtually required all oil transactions to be paid for in dollars, the world’s currency gradually became dependent not on any intrinsic value—because there is no intrinsic value of the dollar—but rather it has become dependent on U.S. military might. As long as George Soros and other NGO’s backed by the U.S. military could clandestinely change regimes so that governments were forced to use dollars for trade, the Anglo-American empire backed by powerful banking families dating back several generations, could continue to expand and like parasites eat away at global wealth and prosperity to the point where the system has now become so sick it is on the verge of a global financial implosion.

I have addressed some of these issues in my recent interview with James Rickards, which you can listen to here:   Mr. Rickards agreed with me that the issue with Iran is one of a larger emerging bipolar global power structure with China, Russia and Iran, now aligned and emerging stronger financially than the U.S. and NATO. Iran is now saying that it will not under any circumstances accept dollars for its oil. That, my friends, is much more important than any nuclear threat Iran poses to Israel or the Middle East in explaining why Republican neocons are talking so tough about punishing Iran and the horrible treaty Obama signed with Iran. Remember, the reason Nixon removed gold from the international monetary system in 1971 was because the military industrial complex wanted to expand the American empire into Asia, starting with Vietnam. And so push we did and whenever countries have refused to accept dollar, like Iraq and Lybia for example, the U.S. sent in its military to kill tens of thousands of innocent human beings alleging in some cases all manner of false charges against dictators. Admittedly foreign dictators were not nor are they angels. But the real reason for our intervention past present and future has had nothing to do with dictators killing their own people as the charges are constantly given to us by our own propaganda machinery. If that were our concern, America wouldn’t continue its own killing machine and destruction of major cities in the Middle East. The real reason we have engaged in war after war is to enforce the acceptance of a currency that is intrinsically worthless—the U.S. dollar.

But Now the Dollar System is Rotting. The dollars days may be numbered.

To defend their own sovereignty and frankly to keep the NATO alliance from impoverishing them by its predatory and parasitic corporate intrusions, not by free market competition but by a military used to force countries to accept what can only be described as counterfeit money. The Chinese, Russians, Iranians and other regional nations are setting up their own gold-based monetary system which is on much sounder footing that the U.S. debt-based dollar system, now essentially in the process of self destruction. It is the threat of this massive group of countries—which could also include India—that I think Kerry’s remarks are related to. I believe he understands that the existing dollar-based global monetary infrastructure is rotting away and that if we continue to use our military to expand, punish and impoverish foreign countries, there will be economic blow back the likes of which will make us much worse off as a nation than if we started to recognize that a new monetary system is going to emerge, whether the Wall Street bankers like it or not.

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