It May Be Deadly, but Look at Her Skin!

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How insane is it that injecting the deadliest poison we know of into your skin — botulinum toxin — may be the only thing we know of that actually makes wrinkles go away? (No matter how much you spend on those facial creams, there’s no evidence whatsoever they can do anything to make wrinkles disappear.)

A new study confirms what Botox advocates already know — that it can do more than paralyze your muscles so they can’t create facial wrinkles; it actually reduces wrinkles and may help keep your skin from aging. It may even become a strategy for scarring. In the American Medical Association’s Facial Plastic Surgery journal, two researchers have just reported on a study of Botox that “there is an alteration in biomechanical properties of the skin after injection with onabotulinum toxin A. This effect appears to last up to four months in the glabella and up to three months at other sites.”

From October 2012–June 2013, the study enrolled 48 women with a mean age of 55 who had mild facial wrinkles. They were treated with onabotulinum toxin A and assessed at baseline, at two weeks, two months, three months and four months after their injections. An earlier study had been criticized for following patients only two months.

All the women had more pliable and more elastic skin after the injections. The authors theorize that Botox causes the skin tissues to create collagen and elastin that help tighten them. Botox is not normally injected into skin. It is injected into facial muscles. The authors suggest that injecting it into skin could reduce wrinkling and be useful to reduce scarring.

The authors received funds from Allergan, which sells onabotulinum toxin A under the brand name Botox. Botulinum toxin is produced by bacteria that can contaminate foods and cause a disease known as botulism. It is the most deadly poison known. The FDA requires a warning on the product when used for injections that it can spread from the injection site and create symptoms like botulism poisoning and may lead to death.

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The post It May Be Deadly, but Look at Her Skin! appeared first on Daily Reckoning.