Introducing ‘Ask The Experts’

During our recent annual seminar, we heard strong feedback that folks wanted more time to pick the brains of the guest experts we interview here at Peak Prosperity.

Well, you asked; and we listened.

Which is why we’ve just added a new service to Peak Prosperity’s premium subscription that we’re calling ‘Ask The Experts’.

Each month, we’ll provide you with access to a domain expert for a full hour of Q&A. No presentations. They’re simply there to answer whatever questions you & the rest of the audience care about most.

Our first ‘Ask The Experts’ session just took place tonight.

It focused on Real Estate Investing, and featured Russ Gray and Robert Helms, who have decades of experience teaching new and seasoned investors how to own real estate for safety and profit.

It was an extremely informative discussion during which Russ and Robert dropped some high-value knowledge bombs. But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what participants had to say at the end of the session:

“Great job guys. Keep it up please.” (J.G.)

“This is great stuff! More, please” (K.A.)

“Love it & looking forward to the next one!!” (CFP)

“Very informative and would love more. Thanks to you all.” (M.O.)

“Very informative….can’t wait for next one!’ (A.J.)

“Lots to think about. Thank you. Looking forward to more.” (K.E.)

“Great discussion. Thank you. Looking forward to seeing more talks.” (B.Q.)

January’s and February’s sessions will focus on Functional Health and Home Energy solutions. We’ll be covering a wide range of resilience themes as the year progresses.

And don’t worry if you can’t make these live. A replay video of each event will be sent out to everyone who registers. We’ll also post these videos in the premium section of the website.

So if this new series is the inspiration you’ve needed to subscribe to Peak Prosperity’s premium service — which costs less than $1/day — click here to Enroll now.

And if you’re already a premium subscriber, click the button below to enjoy the replay video of ‘Ask The Experts’: Investing In Real Estate

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