Interesting Articles To Share

Every day the mainstream media is attempting to keep you in the dark, down on the mushroom farm so that you will keep behaving in a way that profits Wall Street’s ruling elite. To counter that, Jay Taylor, Editor of J Taylor’s Gold Energy & Tech Stocks, combs the Internet in search of articles that shine a floodlight on the truth about why the economies of the world and the US dollar is doomed and why you MUST exchange as many dollars as possible NOW for gold!

Here are some of those articles:

9/8 Stock Market Bubble Will Pop, Social Mood Will Get… – Mish Shedlock
9/8 Chinese Central Bank Crushes Yuan Shorts, Launching… – Tyler Durden
9/8 Crude Soars Above $47 After Biggest Inventory Draw… – Tyler Durden
9/8 Dear Department Of Labor, Please Explain This – Tyler Durden
9/7 Assange: New Clinton Revelations Coming As … – Stefanie MacWilliams
9/7 Goldman Cuts September Rate Hike Odds To 40%, Just … – Tyler Durden
9/7 BofA: “Bad News Is Good News Has Played Out”, Any M… – Tyler Durden
9/7 Stocks’ Trading Range Now Beyond Compare – Dana Lyons’ Tumblr
9/7 When They Say “Hoarding” Instead Of “Saving” You Know… – Tim Price
9/5 Central Banks Now Buying Gold and Silver Mining Stocks – Mac Slavo