Inflation: Good and Hard!

Dan Oliver and Chen Lin are this week’s guests as we explore a new episode of the radio program.

Nature gave us gold for money and currency. It is the best form of money known to man not only for economic stability and a prosperous egalitarian capitalist society but also to ensure economic stability through ongoing market adjustments. But increasingly since 1971 we’ve had the opposite system that has led us to a likely greater depression. No matter what happens, you must own gold to preserve your wealth. But various outcomes to the current chaos may make a difference in terms of how much protection gold will provide and what other assets you may want to own. Dan outlines three possible outcomes for gold.

Chen gives us his latest views on gold, biotech and energy markets, share a couple of his favorite stocks and let us in on what he is hearing from his Chinese contacts. Your host talks about some of his favorite gold stocks and thoughts about some of the social disorder Michael Oliver spoke about last week.

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Dan Oliver is the Director of Committee for Monetary Research and Education, a non-profit educational organization that seeks to promote greater public understanding of the nature of monetary processes and of the central role that a healthy monetary system plays in the well-being, indeed, in the very survival of a free society.  He is also the founder and Managing Director of Myrmikan Capital, LLC.  Dan was previously a Partner at Bearing Capital LLC, an asset management firm specializing in Latin American energy, commodity and infrastructure projects.

Mr. Oliver has a MBA from INSEAD (2004-2005), a JD, Law from Columbia University of Law (1998-2001) and a BA, Philosophy, English from Vanderbilt University (1992-1996).

Chen Lin, had been a doctoral candidate in aeronautical engineering at Princeton. However, Chen found his investment strategies were so profitable that he put his Ph.D. on the back burner to devote full time to private investing and writing a newsletter titled “What is Chen Buying? What is Chen Selling?”  Chen’s track record has been phenomenal!  In one account we track in which he used no leverage, he was able to grow $5,411 starting in 2002 to over $2.2 million by the end of 2012.  You can visit his website at


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