I Bet My Blog on a 2018 Economic Collapse — 2018 Economic Predictions

2018 economic predictions

My 2018 economic predictions follow through on the accurate predictions I made in 2017…. I realized back then that, for the short term (2017-2018), Trump would seriously alter the economic trajectory of the US established during the Obama years — the path by which I had been predicting an economic apocalypse would soon be upon us. Trump would not, however, improve things over the long term because our underlying economic woes would only get worse.

I made my bet when a naysayer challenged my 2017 economic predictions…. The Naysayer asked,

What if no Apocalypse happens in 2017 and even 2018? Promise to us that you will publicly apologise and admit that you scribbled tons of outrageous BS.

… and I promised in reply,

I will promise it right here and will ask you to earmark mid 2018 to come back to this page and hold me to it…. I’ll very likely do far more than apologize: 

I will likely apologize and stop writing this blog well before the end of 2018 if an economic apocalypse — the Epocalypse — is not clearly happening by then.

… So far, the blog goes on because for 2017 I predicted, the market would rise enthusiastically, Trump’s tax plan would definitely be approved, and then the market would rise even faster, but certain economic fundamentals would get much worse, and almost all of those that I outlined in that article have gotten worse. Thus, by mid 2018, things would start falling apart.

Other predictions I wrote at the start of 2017 were …

It is unlikely that Trump’s infrastructure stimulus plan will make it off the ground in 2017.

and …

Spending will certainly increase in one area — the military.

and …

Regulatory changes will also lubricate the economy to move forward with less friction.

and that the establishment …

will do anything they can to restrain Trump’s plans to drain the swamp in Washington and as well as his plans to realign with Russia and to diminish nation-building efforts

See the complete list for 2017 and the complete bet, and read my 2018’s predictions at
—David Haggith