Human Action Now in Romanian

By: Carmen Elena Dorob??

The Ludwig von Mises Institute Romania and the Private Academy have recently celebrated the publication of the Romanian translation of Mises’s Human Action.

Dan Cristian Com?nescu—founder of the Mises Institute Romania and translator of the volume—offers Romanian readers an exquisite and faithful translation of Mises’s greatest work. In both content and appearance, the published volume displays the great care and love with which this tremendous task was undertaken. In his preface to the volume, Vlad Topan, president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute and founder of the Private Academy, described Mises’s magnum opus as

more than a simple treatise on economics, methodological prolegomena included. It is also a cultural and rhetorical product which speaks of a different scientific world—or a different world altogether… Human Action reveals to readers not only the cultural and intellectual stature of its author, but also a model for how a reader should be. Reading Mises you can rediscover what thoughtful, genuine reading and writing means, as well as how, if these activities were legitimately undertaken, that world and culture would look like.

Congratulations to the Mises Institute Romania for this accomplishment, which I know was not an easy one or without financial difficulties. For Romanian speakers, the full recording of the book launch can be viewed here.


Photos courtesy of the Mises Institute Romania. Vlad Topan (left) and Dan Cristian Com?nescu (right). 

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