How Will 5 BRICS Impact Your Future Wealth?

Robert Moriarty and Dr. Quinton Hennigh return as guests on this week’s program.

The BRICS nations, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have understood how the United States and its allies have used the dollar and currencies attached to it to threaten their national sovereignty. The weaponization of the dollar which was accelerated during the Ukraine war has now provided the initiative for the BRICS to accelerate out of dollars into what appears to hold the promise of a new gold-backed currency, that being the Chinese Yuan. Indeed, the infrastructure for a BRICS gold-backed standard is now in place. Moscow now has a gold exchange. More importantly, Shanghai hosts Futures markets for oil and gold.

With the U.S. thumbing its nose against fossil fuels and a Democrat administration kissing up to Iran, Saudi Arabia is now abandoning its close ties to the United States which is turning a hard left toward communism and against fossil fuels, and finding a welcome partnership with the BRICS that are building wealth for their middle classes not by turning green but consuming far more fossil fuels. The path for Asian non-dollar trading is clear. For example, Saudi Arabia can now sell its oil for yuan and immediately exchange yuan for gold on the Shanghai Exchange if it so chooses.

Gold’s value isn’t dependent on the ability of debtors to repay their creditors. As Alasdair Macleod pointed out, Western authorities don’t understand the vulnerability of a dollar system that is leveraged to the extreme. The BRICS not only detest the weaponization of the dollar by the U.S. and NATO but also realize the dollar is suffering from stage 4 or 5 of its cancerous growth. So while America keeps piling up debt to fund more deadly weapons in an attempt to keep the Anglo-American empire alive, the BRICS are laying the groundwork for what looks like America’s 4th Fourth Turning. Prior three turnings for the U.S. were: The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War II. If America continues to follow its current WEF sponsored path, Americans are destined to utter enslavement and tyranny.

Robert discusses how he envisions this current geopolitical battle will end and share his thoughts on how to navigate the road ahead. Quinton talks about a profitable model business unique in Japan that is being successfully pursued by Irving Resources. 

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Robert Moriarty was born in New York in 1946. He began training as a military pilot in 1965 and became the youngest Naval Aviator during the Vietnam War in 1966. With two years in Vietnam and some 832 missions in combat, he left the Marine Corps in 1970. He worked in computers for a few years before beginning a 2nd career as a ferry pilot delivering small airplanes all over the world. He made over 240 ocean crossings mostly in single engine airplanes. He holds 14 international aviation records.

Bob and Barb Moriarty brought to the Internet in 2001. They later added to cover oil, natural gas, gasoline, coal, solar, wind and nuclear energy. Both sites feature articles, editorial opinions, pricing figures and updates on current events affecting both sectors.

Quinton Hennigh is a member of the Crescat Capital management team and a director. He serves Crescat as the firm’s geologic and technical advisor. He is a globally renowned exploration geologist with 30+ years of precious metals mining experience. Dr. Hennigh began his career in gold exploration after obtaining his PhD in Geology/Geochemistry from the Colorado School of Mines. Early in his career he worked for major gold mining companies including Homestake Mining (now Barrick Gold Corp.), Newcrest Mining, and Newmont Corp. Later, Dr. Hennigh founded Novo Resources Corp (TSXV: NVO), acting as its CEO and currently serving as Non-Executive Co-Chairman. He has played a key role in major global discoveries such as Novo’s Pilbara assets in Western Australia, First Mining Gold’s Springpole gold deposit in Ontario, Kirkland Lake Gold’s Fostervillegold mine in Australia, the Rattlesnake Hills gold deposit in Wyoming, and Lion One’s Tuvatu gold project in Fiji, among many others.

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