How to Get Your Lifestyle From Here to There

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If there is one thing the world can agree on, it’s the shipping container. The size is standardized everywhere, making each one as cheap as can be to move to any distant port.

This phenomenon has recently inspired two designs — a sloop that fits neatly inside so you can ship it to any exotic location (let’s see, Fiji, or Palma or New Zealand?) without having to go through the horrors of sailing it there, and a pop-out house built to be a shipping container.

Far Harbour 39

The Far Harbour 39 costs about $300,000 with sails, electronics and everything you need to leave.

The sloop is called the Far Harbour 39, and it’s a rugged yet elegant yacht designed by genius naval architect Robert Perry. (Full disclosure: Perry designed my sailboat, a Passport 470, which I love!) The Far Harbour is built by a company called, of course, Container Yachts, headquartered in Miami.

To give you an idea of how cheap it is to move a container, you can get one to most places halfway around the world for about $5,000. It would cost, for example, about six times as much to move a 40-foot yacht on a ship from the U.S. to the Mediterranean, even using a ship designed just for moving yachts from place to place (yes, that’s a big business these days).

If you want to know more about this adventure, go to Or call Bernie at 305-401-6266.

But if you’d rather stand on an exotic island than sail to it, you need to know about the G-pod. People have been converting shipping containers into houses ever since there were containers. But no one has done it as well as G-pod of Hong Kong.

The company’s Dwell unit is exactly the size and shape of a standard 39-by-7’ 9” container, but inside it’s completely fitted out for luxurious living. Once delivered to any site where a truck can navigate, the walls and sides of the container can be pushed out of the original box shape with built-in hydraulics, doubling usable floor space to about the sexiest 400 square feet you’ve ever seen.

The house features a deck, laundry area, bedroom area, kitchen, bath, dining area and office nook. Electric and water hookups are not required: The Dwell comes with a solar array, a composting toilet and a rainwater collection system. It is well insulated, and air conditioning is available as an option. The standard unit is about $50,000. When you watch this animation, you’ll begin to wonder: What am I waiting for?


The Dwell offers luxury off-grid living. It is built with sustainably sourced materials.

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The post How to Get Your Lifestyle From Here to There appeared first on Daily Reckoning.