How to Breathe Like a Fish

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When we get to Mars in about 15 years, we’re going to need this stuff:

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark discovered a cobalt salt crystal with the ability to reversibly absorb oxygen. It works in a fashion similar to the way hemoglobin works in our own blood — absorbing oxygen from the air we breathe and then releasing it to our cells. But this salt has far greater binding power — 10 liters can absorb all of the oxygen in a room!

The potential applications include health care, allowing the storage of oxygen in a lighter, more portable container, and energy applications involving fuel cells. For divers, it could allow much longer underwater times and could conceivably become part of an artificial gill that can harvest oxygen from water.

Of course, humans don’t breathe pure oxygen when they dive, because it becomes toxic under the higher pressures under water. Other gasses would need to be added. And humans have much higher oxygen requirements than marine organisms like fish, so an artificial gill would require a lot of technology and energy. But what if you could meander through a coral reef for hours instead of minutes?

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The post How to Breathe Like a Fish appeared first on Daily Reckoning.