Here’s Why Amazon is Winning the “Internet of Things” Race

From Ryan McQueeney: Over the past several years, the world has watched as Amazon, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) transformed itself from an e-commerce website into one of the largest and most diverse technology companies in the world. These days, Amazon is a leader in several emerging tech sectors, including cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

By now, most of us have heard the praise for Amazon’s cloud business, Amazon Web Services (AWS). This line of cloud-based products and services provides businesses with the tools needed to build an online presence, all while providing Amazon with a solid revenue stream backed by impressive margins.

One branch of the AWS tree is AWS IoT, a managed cloud platform that enables connected devices to easily and securely interact with other devices and cloud applications. AWS IoT can reliably process and route trillions of messages to AWS endpoints and devices, allowing your applications and devices to communicate with each other all the time.

On top of this, Amazon has a growing line of IoT devices, which should put the company in a leadership position as the demand for these products continues to grow, especially at the consumer level. Let’s check Amazon’s line of IoT devices below:

1. Echo Speaker

The Echo is Amazon’s flagship IoT device and one of the most popular home integration products on the market right now. This “smart speaker” can stream music with 360 degree audio, and it also uses Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, allowing users to interact with the device by speaking to it. The Echo can control a wide variety of compatible devices, including Alphabet’s (GOOGLAnalyst Report) Nest smart home technology, Samsung’s SmartThings, and certain lights and switches.

After the initial success of the Echo, Amazon released two new speakers that vary in size, price, and performance. The Echo family now includes the original Echo, the Tap, and the Echo Dot.

2. Dash Buttons

Amazon’s Dash program has quickly picked up in popularity since its launch just two years ago. The original Amazon Dash product is a barcode scanner that pairs with AmazonFresh, allowing users to scan barcodes in their homes and add them to their online shopping lists.

Later, Amazon would release a line of branded Dash buttons (pictured above). The idea is that shoppers can place these buttons throughout their homes, near the related product, and instantly reorder them from Amazon when the time is right.

3. Internet of Things Dash Button

The Internet of Things Dash Button was launched as a technological fix for a hack in the original Dash Buttons that allowed users to use the buttons for their own commands, including ordering pizza and controlling lights. The IoT Dash Button now encourages users to program their own commands. This button serves as an introduction to the AWS IoT platform and allows users to configure button clicks to count or track items, call or alert someone, start or stop something, order services, or even provide feedback.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Amazon’s IoT devices are relatively simple products designed to make life slightly easier for Amazon customers—and that’s the whole idea behind the Internet of Things! The technology isn’t necessarily life changing, but it makes tasks like adjusting the lights or ordering groceries that much easier. These types of products could become commonplace in the average home very soon, and Amazon already has a huge head start.

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