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Ludwig von Mises is not an easy figure to get your arms around. His writings total tens of thousands of pages. A newcomer to Mises could be lost in this vast body of work. That’s why the Institute is publishing The Mises Reader.

Mises put the ideals of liberty, property, and peace before his professional prestige, his career, his income, even his personal safety. He suffered for this, but not even Hitler could silence him. It is a proud record that shines through the darkness of the 20th century like a beacon.

As one of the great geniuses of the West, Mises gave us economics and its related principles of freedom and human flourishing at their strongest and most advanced. He is, indeed, irrefutable. During his life, the Left did its best to stop Mises. Now they try to ignore him.

But we have the legacy of the astounding products of his mind, as well as his example of integrity and principle. This is why the Mises Institute exists. And we realize, as Mises said, that economics is too important to be left to the economists.

Please help us publish The Mises Reader in a handsome, sturdy, inexpensive edition. Your tax-deductible donation of any amount will help us place this book in the hands of every student seeker of truth. Benefactors supporting this project with gifts of $500, $1000, or more will be listed in the front of the book.

We want every person who can benefit from Mises to have a copy. You can help make that possible.

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