Gold & Silver Cartel Losing Its Grip / Bill Murphy

Stunning market action in gold and silver over the past several weeks is revealing the price manipulators are losing control. Gold is bouncing off support and re-testing recent highs.Weak jobs data combined with growing fear and uncertainty from US election volatility and BREXIT from Eurozone is building record interest in safe-haven precious metals. Co-founder of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee ( returns to ReluctantPreppers to weigh in on whether the increasing physical demand will overwhelm the forces of oppression.
1.     Gold & Silver Price Strength, Market action
a.   PMs going up strong on jobs report and pending BREXIT vote Bullish for PMs
2.     Manipulation – What’s going on? What’s changed?
i.     Gold cartel stops futures actions in commercial exchange
ii.    Open interest rising to all-time highs
iii.   The only way that we will get higher PM process is a commercial signal failure – cartel overpowered by physical market, retreat to defend higher price levels
iv.  Silver trading higher
3.      Politics & Price Fixing
a. Based on who we know is doing the manipulation & what we know about Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump, what can we expect to continue or change if one or the other is elected US president?
i.     Bill Clinton admitted he didn’t realize he wouldn’t be running the show…
ii.    Establishment wants Hillary, no idea what they’ll be getting with Trump.. what will that do to PM manipulation?
iii.   Both candidates are very much disliked, causing concern around the world.. open interest in Gold & Silver nearing all-time highs..
iv.  No matter who is elected, will fear and concern will drive popular demand for Gold & Silver…
v.    Will rigging by the Fed, BIS Switzerland, Bullion Banks, and others continue regardless of which candidate is put in place? Will the powers that be outlast the personalities in office, and will the physical market be able to overpower the manipulations?