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Gold Is Working Amid Many Looming Signs of Financial Disaster

The chart directly above pictures the average gold price every month since January 1995 as per the London PM Fix. The average monthly price for gold as measured in the ever-increasing purchasing power of U.S. dollars has now hit an all-time monthly average high. The chart above on your right is from Matthew Piepenburg’s April 23 essay titled, “So Many Open Signs of Financial Disaster Ahead and Gold Working.” The blue line represents central bank purchases of gold as measured in billions of dollars. By contrast, the red line records foreign official purchases of U.S. Treasuries also measured in billions of U.S. dollars. Clearly there was a dramatic decline in foreign bank purchases coinciding with the weaponization of the U.S. dollar against Russia and countries that fail to stand with the United States and NATO against Russia as it invaded Ukraine. It’s hardly a mystery why the average monthly gold price has
hit a new all-time high now.

In his article Piepenburg states, “From oil markets to treasury stacking, backdoor QE, investor fantasy and hedge fund prepping, it’s becoming more and more clear that the big boys are bracing for disaster as gold stretches its legs for a rapid run north.” Here are some of the most important factors driving the dollar toward its death knell.

Dollar weaponization. When the U.S. arrogantly shut down Russian trade, that country and its allies had no choice but to form a gold-backed trading system, which appears to be growing dramatically. That’s why non-aligned nations have been stockpiling gold. The unfairness and threat that many nations felt from the U.S. and NATO was behind the creation of the BRICS nations, to which club Saudi Arabia has joined and many more significant nations, like Argentina, are seeking to join. The radical anti-Constitutional democrat party’s position on oil and gas along with outright hostility toward Saudi Arabia has driven that country into the arms of China and India, and it is now working with as opposed to against Russia as it is forming a very anti-American OPEC. Beyond the oil story there are simply economic needs of developing nations to get out from under a very abusive U.S. dollar system. U.S.-sponsored banking institutions have since 2009 lent dollars that are created out of thin air at near zero interest rates and then suddenly rip rates higher that impoverish entire nations as well as zombie companies that should have died years ago. A growing number of nations are now trading U.S. Treasuries for gold and using a gold-backed trading system that is all to the benefit of most nations around the world. As Alasdair Macleod has pointed out, Americans will be the last to realize they should also trade in their U.S. Treasuries for gold. But major investors, like Stanley Druckenmiller who is making a major bet against the dollar, a growing number
of Americans are beginning to do just that! Over time, the dollar fraud will give way to gold, the eternal money within time & space.

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