Gold Down to the $1,100 to $1,150 Range Now Seems Likely


The fraudulent paper gold markets for gold as opposed to the honest gold markets of Shanghai had been holding at $1,200, until the anti-capitalists of Washington and Wall Street used a “good jobs” report on Friday as an excuse to hammer the gold price down. The thinking goes something like this. With the U.S. economy doing so well, the Fed will conduct a tight monetary policy, thus driving interest rates higher, thus negating the “need” for gold. So the order went out to sell, sell, sell gold!

24-hourAnd so they did. Who did? Well the usual suspects who control the Wall Street mind game, of course—the mafia thieves who own the Federal Reserve Bank and use it on a massive scale, like a mafia don would use a counterfeiting printing press in his Queens basement, to enrich themselves. And as long as people are unaware of the fraud that is going on, the game of theft can go on.

And so it is with the Wall Street and Washington con game to keep you thinking that the dollar is as good as gold. God forbid you should think otherwise or it would put an end to the fraudulent Anglo-American Empire. But the picture shown above is getting older than the snowstorms hitting New York and Boston this winter. Time after time after time, the major banking interests hat own the Federal Reserve hit the markets with massive amounts of paper that keep the masses of investors, including the arrogant Ph.D. economists from Harvard, Princeton, and Yale, thinking they know better than God and the collective wisdom of markets how much money should be created. The main function of the action like we saw earlier today is simply to maintain perception that the big lie is true—namely, that the dollar is as good as gold. Why else did this bear market in gold begin exactly when Moody’s reduced its rating of U.S. Treasury debt in 2011?

But we should step back and realize what is at stake for the Wall Street and Washington thieves and also for all of us who have enjoyed the ill-gotten gains of the Anglo-American Empire that engaged in two major wars and several since then under false pretenses and false flags used to rally Americans who otherwise wanted no part of war. Now, should you be critical of my views, please realize that the America of 1776 was never supposed to be a democracy or an empire. We were to be a peaceful, free market, free trading republic!

George Washington warned us about getting entangled in foreign wars. But now that we have not only done that but also engineered a global monetary system on the quicksand of fiat money rather than gold, and then used fraudulent money to build a war machine that threatens the sovereignty of all nations as the dark forces behind the thrones of Western Europe seek to establish a one-world government that forces all nations small and large to submit to a global ruling elite, I do believe the world is on the precipice of a war to end all wars! I’m not talking about the kind of war to end all wars that President Wilson conned Americans into supporting. I’m talking about a war to end all wars by ending civilization.

mapsUnless Russia, China, and other lesser nations submit to the Anglo-American Empire, I do not see how a nuclear war can be avoided. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Of course, if you buy the mainstream propaganda, the answer is easy. Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and any other “rogue” nation (defined as those who refuse to use dollars for oil purchases) are evil and need the righteous United States to help them out. Even if it means killing 500,000 of their own citizens as we did in Iraq, its for their own good.

But as President Eisenhower pointed out, most great civilizations are not destroyed from conquering nations, but rather from internal decay. And man oh man, do we ever have economic and moral decay in America and the West! Moral decay is of course at the heart of the great fraudulent U.S.-dollar-based empire, which can only exist as long as people are conned into believing endless quantities of dollars created out of thin air are as good as gold.

The manipulation of the gold market is a necessary part of defending that big lie, but by itself it is not sufficient because, ultimately, lies cause distortions that, like Pinocchio’s nose, can no longer be hidden. So to cover up Pinocchio’s nose, the U.S. must somehow manage to force nations to buy their oil in U.S. dollars thus creating a constant bid for our counterfeit currency.

I showed the above maps last week and I’m showing them again this week, because the top of the two maps illustrates what someone in the seat of power put out as a foreign policy goal of the powers behind the throne. Those maps were reportedly published in the Armed Forces Journal in 2006, in an article titled, “Blood Borders—How a Better Middle East Would Look.”

Then I passed along a link to General Wesley Clark’s video pronouncement of a policy coup at the Pentagon that talked about how certain higher ups in our government or at least in the Pentagon were planning to take over governments of seven countries in five years. (Do you see why our Founding Fathers required wars to be declared by Congress?) The main point of the top map shows the aims of our ruling elite to draw up the boundaries of a new country that would encompass the oil-rich regions around the Persian Gulf so that parts of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran are all one country. And who do you think would be in control of that newly-formed country? It certainly would not be Putin! In fact part of the strategy is to end Putin’s hope of selling gas to Western Europe through a pipeline he is planning to extend through Turkey into Southern Italy.

The bottom line is this! There are two major legs to keeping the fraudulent dollar alive and by so doing, keeping the Anglo-American Empire from collapsing. First, price discovery from gold must be hidden from the masses, because if people (including Wall Street) began to see the truth that the dollar is not as good as gold, as Alan Greenspan explained in 1966, it would be “game over” for the Anglo-American Empire.

But gold price manipulation is not sufficient to perpetuate an empire based on the sinking sand of fiat money because ultimately, with future financial crises, even the most ardent Keynesian would finally begin to grasp that he has been had by the big dollar lie. To continue to hide Pinocchio’s nose, there MUST be a way to keep demand for the dollar intact; in other words, to perpetuate the petrodollar created by Kissinger when Nixon detached gold from the dollar on August 15, 1971. Nixon knew his actions would eventually lead to a loss of confidence in the dollar, so he said it would be “temporary.” What was necessary then and remains necessary today is to underpin demand for the dollar with oil.

And so, that explains why at all costs the price of “paper gold” must be manipulated to keep the masses from losing confidence in the dollar. But it also explains why the Western world is encroaching on Putin’s Russia as well as on China, especially as those great nations seek to retain their sovereignty against an aggressive Anglo-American Empire, which for its own survival must eventually rule the entire world.

As an American who sees this picture, I feel extremely ambivalent about the predicament the U.S. finds itself in. On the one hand, I can see that if dollar confidence is lost, we are likely to see death, destruction, and poverty, and in the process, loss of our liberties (like writing these views) such as we have never before witnessed in the U.S. even during the Great Depression. On the other hand, my soul grieves over the murderous military policies of my country and the lies and distortions that are being spelled out in the mainstream media to keep the masses down on the mushroom farm. In the end, we have no choice but to leave the future in the hands of our Creator while doing our best to speak the truth.

And by the way, that is why I plan to continue to interview James Perloff about his book, Truth Is a Lonely Warrior. I hope you listened to my interview with him last week in which he discussed the false flags of the last six major wars the U.S. has gotten itself into. You can listen here: Based on history, what seems to be an insane policy of wars that serve to destabilize regions rather than stabilize them begins to make total sense. In other words, there is a method to this satanic madness.

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