Gold demand surge but price down.

Just read on and draw your own conclusions. When demand increases, prices go up, don’t they? Or do they?

Why is the gold price lower? But then, it gives further opportunity to China and Russia (and Germans, by the way are in the game too) to buy the physical gold at a lower price…  And, by golly, Goldman Sachs predicted a lower price so they have to be right! Of course, it all depends on when you look at their predictions.

Jan 23, 2015 (Reuters) – Goldman Sachs Group Inc on Friday slashed its 2015 price forecasts for several base metals including copper and aluminum while raising its estimate for gold by $62 per ounce.. …Goldman increased its 2015 average price forecast for gold to $1,262 per ounce from $1,200, saying the downward trend for prices since mid-2013 has been well short of its expectations….”

Posted by Bron Suchecki at 9:54 am July 15, 2015)
“Last Friday I discussed the US Mint suspending sales of its silver Eagle coin and noted that “at this stage we have not seen any demand surge out of the US but we would expect that if the shortage continues beyond a few weeks”. Well a few days later and The Perth Mint has been hit with a surge in demand for not just our silver coins but gold as well, as our US and European distributors scramble for product…”

Gold Ends Weaker, Hits 8-Month Low, on Bearish Outside Markets, No Risk Aversion
By Jim Wyckoff – Thursday July 16, 2015 14:02 –

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July 17, 2015