Gold continues to surge higher


The phrase “may you live in interesting times” has never been more applicable than now. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, unrelenting inflation including soaring food and gas prices, and unpayable debt levels that continue to relentlessly climb.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Fed finds itself increasingly stuck; raise rates and risk a recession, or leave them alone and inflation continues unabated.

In response, gold has soared. Gold briefly passed $2,000/oz in early morning trading and remains at a one-year high…

Silver has responded as well, now at a 6-month high…

The unfortunate reality is, there are no quick or easy solutions to these issues. Markets will continue to be highly volatile. And it’s all happening within a faulty monetary system that Mike Maloney has shown will continue to cause bubbles, misallocations of capital, and greater and greater loss of purchasing power. 

Are gold and silver now on the cusp of another big run? Time will tell, but today may be a critical time to make sure one has meaningful exposure to precious metals.