Gold for Christmas – Gold’s Importance in Religion

From religious artwork to religious symbolism, gold and religion have always been symbolically linked in nearly all of the world’s major religions. Due to its unique glow and yellow shine, gold is symbolic of the sun and the energy of the divine.

Since it is relatively rare, indestructible and doesn’t decay and corrode, the use of gold in religion also conveys a preciousness and immortality that other metals cannot.

During this festive season of Christmas, it is timely therefore to reflect on the importance of gold in religion. But in addition to the Christian tradition, gold is also central to Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam. So in the wider context, it is also timely to reflect on why gold in intrinsic to all religions, and why gold is one of the most precious gifts you can give.

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Gold for Christmas – Gold’s Importance in Religion

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