Gold and Silver Are In a $200 BitCoin Moment | Kenneth Ameduri

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Entrepreneur and chief editor of Crush the Street, Kenneth Ameduri, studies the markets and joins Reluctant Preppers for the first time to make the case why the manipulated gold & silver markets are giving us a “BitCoin $200 moment.” Ameduri further dives into the potential broad applications for block-chain technology beyond mere currency, and warns us of risks to watch out for in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)!

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Central Banking problems- heading to a crisis?
What’s going on with the stock markets, and where is the stock market headed?
Money: What direction is money moving?
Monetary revolution & crypto-currencies?
Blockchain applications beyond currency?
Why is BitCoin more trustworthy than the US Dollar and other fiat currencies?
Which specific crypto-currencies is Ameduri following and favoring, and why? see Free report